Miracle in Lane 2 is the Best DCOM so far?

Overall watching these Disney Channel movies has been a rollercoaster of an experience. There have been some legit ones that deserve repeat viewing. Not all of them are great but the most entertaining part of it all is that you never know what you are going to get. There are ones that have been guilty pleasures but Miracle In Lane 2 just might be the best all-around DCOM so far.

Determined to keep up with his athletic brother, a young boy in a wheelchair does what he can to win a Soap Box Derby trophy. This is based on the true story of Justin Yoder who became a Soap Box Derby champion. When I read the plot to this I didn’t know what to think. I know absolutely nothing about the sport. I was most pleasantly surprised.

Frankie Muniz plays Justin so endearingly. We see him struggling with his disability but holding his head high. He loves his family but he is tired of feeling second best to his brother and he’s also tired of his family worrying about him every second. His goal is to win a trophy. Any trophy. He wants to feel like a champion. After getting into some trouble with his cranky neighbor and having to help clean said neighbor’s yard, Justin finds Soap Box Derby memorabilia. This leads him to begin training and trying to fulfill his dreams.

What Works?

For the most part, this movie hits a lot of familiar beats. We have seen the feel-good film about a young kid trying to persevere. The well-written script can throw in some fresh moments in between. Justin spends a lot of time using his imagination. Whenever something goes on with his family he fantasizes them as different characters and it’s an interesting way to tell a story through a child’s eyes.

The family also seemed genuine. A lot of the time one of the actors in these movies can feel off, but that doesn’t happen here. Everyone seems to click just right. Maybe it was due to being a true story, but Disney seemed to put more care into this one.

The real Justin is religious and Disney had a tough going with how to show that in the film without being overly preachy for the audience. When Justin goes through tough times, he talks to his version of God. According to Justin, God in his eyes is his favorite racecar driver, Bobby Wade. Bobby gives Justin advice throughout the film and it never feels too overdone or forced.

The relationship between Justin and his trainer is also very well done. Both have had a very rough life but they come together to realize that life doesn’t just end. It’s funny that a movie like Alley Cats Strike can have no excitement with its bowling scenes but this movie makes rolling down a hill riveting.


Miracle In Lane 2 is not my favorite DCOM so far but it may be tied with The Color of Friendship for the best one. It is well shot, well written, and has some really good acting. The story isn’t exactly fresh, but the creative choices used help to elevate the material. It is just a movie that has you rooting for its characters throughout. I knew nothing about this story or the real-life story it is based on. I didn’t know how I would feel but was invested and intrigued from beginning to end. It’s refreshing for characters and plot to feel real and you can tell the filmmakers took care with this material.  If you skipped out on this one as a kid or have never even heard of it, definitely check it out.

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