Mass Effect: Legendary Edition – Retro Remaster

Unlike my last Retro Remaster, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition needs less of a breakdown of the finer points of the game. This time around, let’s talk about the legacy, the memories, and the impact of the Mass Effect games. With the Legendary Edition coming out, now is a perfect time to bring the fight to the Reapers again.

A Legacy of Adventure

Over the cycle of three games, Mass Effect saw its share of acclaim and criticism. Which game was the best or worst is largely based on personal opinion of course. Many hold Mass Effect 2 in the highest regard. Mass Effect itself will often jockey for the first position, depending on how much you love the traditional RPG experience. Competing for last place is usually Mass Effect 3 or Andromeda. In the former’s case, the ending is often the reason the game faces its harsh criticism. Andromeda saw issues during development, including the loss of the writing team, engine troubles, and general office politics.

For my part, I love the series as a whole. Even Andromeda had some exciting gameplay despite going largely unfinished. Fondly remembering the cast of characters throughout the series. The generation of memes from all parts. The highlight of which is Shepard being a scumbag, selling his endorsement to almost every shop on the Citadel.

Legendary Edition

It’s hard to think of Mass Effect as a retro series however, Mass Effect 3 is almost a decade old. To that end, February saw a Mass Effect Legendary Edition announcement. Featuring all three core games, 4k HD support, 40 DLC, and improvements for the first game. Many of these were long overdue.

It is not just the first game seeing modifications. Mass Effect 2 has many small balance improvements, including ammo drop rebalances. Mass Effect 3 is losing the multiplayer element and will see its campaign modified accordingly. The trilogy will also have a seamless transfer of your choices and their effect. Considering the challenges the previous releases of these three games saw, this is a most welcome change.

Additionally, the Legendary Edition will feature new customization options for Shepard. Among a corner of the fan community, unique customization was often a favorite part of the game.

Going Forward

December of last year we got a teaser for the next Mass Effect game. What we got looks to bridge the original trilogy and Andromeda. The Legendary Edition could go a long way to prepping us for that future. Here’s to hoping with the Legendary Edition, a whole new generation can find adventure among the stars. Making friends and allies. Finding hope in a future among the threat of Reaper invasion.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition releases on May 14th on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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