Cons Return! – Sort of – with HORROR SIDESHOW MARKETPLACE

The Pandemic has been a horrible tragedy that has taken lives, caused economic hardships, and forced society to take some strong measures to combat it. One of those measures was the cancellation of public gatherings and events, which, while a great necessity, also caused some who relied on such events for their livelihood great hardship. And for those who wanted to attend these events, it was a great disappointment.

However, while such things have been necessary, a number of conventions have begun making a comeback. The Horror Sideshow Marketplace, which took place in the Lehigh Valley Area of Pennsylvania, is an offshoot of the New Jersey Horror Con and is one of the events that herald somewhat of a return to con life.

Check out the video below for a glimpse of the second day of this event. Initially, it was supposed to be an outdoor event, but weather concerns convinced them to move day 2 into the host hotel.

People did enjoy themselves at this scaled-down event. For even more, check out this gallery of photos from the con.

With the vaccine being administered to more and more people in the United States and social distancing and other restrictions still in place, it looks likely we can see more and larger events in the months to come. However, everyone needs to do their part. Get vaccinated and still follow the guidelines for wearing masks and social distancing. Even those vaccinated might spread the virus to the unvaccinated, even though the chances are slim. But wearing a mask reduces those chances even more and who wants to be responsible for someone else getting sick or even dying?

This con is a glimmer of better things to come. Check them out at and the parent convention at, which plans to have an event in the beginning of September.

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