HBO Max’s Green Lantern Corps – Dream Fancast

HBO Max is currently working on a live-action Green Lantern Corps series which will take place across decades and galaxies. Alan Scott, Bree Jarta, Jessica Cruz, Simon Baz, Sinestro, Guy Gardner, and Kilowog have been confirmed as characters for the show.

Most recently, Finn Wittrock was announced as the series’ Guy Gardner. As a die-hard Green Lantern fan, I wasn’t thrilled with his casting.  So, I’m sharing my own dream fancast for the show.

Confirmed Characters 

Guy Gardner – Mark Walhberg 

Guy Gardner is an arrogant man who loves himself. He has a particular skill of annoying Batman. So the actor needs to be someone who seems unlikable but is actually funny and kind. That’s Marky Mark.

Alan Scott – Simon Baker 

Alan Scott is known as the “first” Green Lantern. He worked for the FBI and had to hide that he was gay. Mind, you this was the 1940s. Simon Baker is a dead ringer for Scott and his work on the Mentalist shows he can act as an agent.

Bree Jarta – Janelle Monae

Bree Jarta is half-alien but all badass! Bree is a newer character to the comics but has quickly become a fan favorite. Janelle Monae is a great actress but deserves a shot at a big franchise. I think the Green Lantern Corps is the one for her.

Jessica Cruz – Ana de Armas

Jessica Cruz is the first female lantern from Sector 2814. There was even a prophecy foretelling her joining the GLs. Ana De Armas is an upcoming superstar, and a role like Jessica Cruz can elevate her to new heights.

Simon Baz – Sterling “Steelo” Brim 

Ok, this one is a bit of a wild card. Hear me out. Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz are often partners. Their partnership is a well-balanced one. They know when to be serious with each other and when to have a laugh. Steelo may be known for being on Ridiculousness, but he also is an actor. Baz can give Steelo to return to acting.

Sinestro – Luke Evans 

This one should not surprise Green Lantern fans! Luke Evans has been the fan-favorite to play Sinestro since there were rumors about a reboot of The Green Lantern. There are even deep fakes online of Evans as Sinestro.

Kilowog – Thomas Q. Jones 

Thomas Q. Jones played Comanche on Netflix’s Luke Cage. The former NFL player has really taken to acting. Jones would make an excellent Kilowog. I’m certain Green Lantern training is similar to training in the NFL.

Non-Confirmed Characters

Razer – Finn Wittrock 

I don’t want to get rid of Finn Wittrock entirely. I think he would be a much better Razer. Razer became a Red Lantern due to the death of his beloved. He later struggles with his identity. Wittrock can bring the duality of the character to life. Also, they have the same eyes.

Hal Jordan – James Marsden 

Hal Jordan is the basic bae as far as Earth Lanterns go. He is still a founding member of the Justice League. He also has great friendships with other members of the corps. Not to mention major beef with Sinestro. James Marsden could nail the ease of Hal Jordan while also being appealing to the females of the corp. I mean that whole thing with Arisa…and then the Star Sapphires. Anyways, Marsden is no stranger to acting against CGI characters, so this role should be a breeze.

John Stewart – Ricky Whittle
Ricky Whittle as John Stewart is another casting that the internet agrees with. With American Gods being canceled, he may be interested in another job.

Katma Tui – Kate Beckinsale 

Katma Tui is actually John Stewart’s wife. Before he falls for Hawkgirl, he marries this Korugarian beauty. She is the same species as Sinestro. If you are going to have John you should have his wife on the show too.

Kyle Rayner – Zac Efron 

Kyle Rayner is not well-liked in the Green Lantern fandom. He’s often forgotten about too. Zac Efron’s charm and good acting can make Rayner a memorable name. As beautiful as Zac Efron is, it’s no wonder he did well with the other ladies in the Corps.

Ch’p – Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds has done a lot of trash-talking about his role in the Green Lantern film. Yes, the film was not great. But how many times must he bash the film? Still, the megastar would be great as a trash-talking, powerful chipmunk. Ch’p often works as an instructor with Kilowog. Reminding new recruits to never underestimate their opponents. Reynolds can make amends with the series and restore honor to the franchise.
I could go on and on about my dream cast for the series. The Green Lantern comics are my favorite and I love that it turns emotions- something we often think of as a weakness, into powers.  What do you think of my picks? Who would you cast in these roles, and are you excited for the Green Lantern Corps series? Let’s chat in the comments and online.


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