Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience

The world of Harry Potter is fantastic and one of a kind. The books and the movies are beloved by so many people. Many people yearn to escape into the multiple magical worlds of the Potter universe.  In Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience wizards and witches alike can now be transported into their favorite fandom. The outdoor experience is located in Westchester, New York and it delivered everything I could hope for.

The Food

When we first entered into the experience, my mind was automatically blown. All around us were Harry Potter-themed eats of all different kinds. The titles of each place had something to do with the wizarding world. The thing that really impressed me was how dedicated the menu really was. You won’t find hamburgers or hot dogs here. Instead, you would find what Harry might have eaten in London.

There was a booth that sold fish and chips. Another booth sold bangers and mash. Another sold meat pies. The food was extremely delicious and it was nice to have so many choices to eat before we started walking the trail.

There were also plenty of desserts, There were different kinds of cookies, cake pops, cupcakes butterbeer, chocolates, and hot beverages such as hot chocolate or coffee. Another nice touch was there were marshmallows sold and a nice fire pit right in the center to roast them over.

The Trail

The trail was a one-mile walk and it was absolutely beautiful. There were different colored lights everywhere and multiple speakers that sent out different sounds depending on what section you were in. It had just snowed the day before and that added to the magic.

There was no confusion about where to go next on the trail and there were plenty of employees who were very kind but also very knowledgeable about Harry Potter.

There were tons of magical creatures and recreated scenes to see from the wizarding world. I don’t want to spoil too much because a lot of what was there should really be a surprise but some of my favorite things to see were Buckbeak the Hippogriff as well as Ron’s flying car.

There were so much more things and a lot of it was also interactive. At one point you could have a wand battle with a friend and at another time you could cast your very own Patronus.


The experience was truly one of a kind and so much fun. The trail ended in a gift shop where they sold a lot of Harry Potter merchandise such as clothes, wands, and more. The whole thing was filled with great food, great people, and many magical surprises. If you decide to go, be sure to dress warm because this is an outdoor exhibit after all. This truly is amazing for any Harry Potter fan out there.

There are still dates available for the remainder of December and for January. If you are close to the area or willing to take the trip, tickets can be purchased here. Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest

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