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Today’s Fandom Funding is Hairology: A comic anthology all about HAIR! Natural Hair, Balding, Transitioning, Body Hair, Cancer, Dye, and MORE! (Foreword by Gail Simone)

Project image for Hairology: A Celebration of Hair!

Kat CalamiaPhil Falco (Bi Visibility: A Bisexual Anthology) and Jamila Rowser (Wash Day Diaries) unite to bring you a brand-new comic book anthology: HAIROLOGY! With a foreword from the legendary Gail Simone (Batgirl, Birds of Prey).

There are 20+ creators involved, including the likes of Sterling Gates (Supergirl, The Flash), Sarah Leuver (Teen Titans Go!), Kenan Halilović (WEBTOON’s Witch Creek Road), Tilly & Susan Bridges (Monster High, Star Trek Adventures), Mary Crispies (WEBTOON’s Angel’s Quest), Erin O’Neill Jones (Reject Squad), Brant Fowler (Last Ember Press), Salomée Luce-Antoinette (Nubia), and many more!

“Everybody has their own unique and deeply personal relationship with their hair, so we wanted to create a platform for creators to tell their diverse stories.”

Collecting twelve (12) original stories, Hairology tackles diverse topics including natural hair, cancer, transitioning, body hair, dye, balding, and locs across a wide spectrum of genres which include action, slice of life, sci-fi, modern fantasy, autobiography, dystopia, and even werewolves! 

Go to Hairlology to see the amazing awards to be given depending on your contribution.

Kat Calamia is a bisexual comic book writer for Like Father, Like Daughter and They Call Her…The Dancer. She’s also known for her comic book and TV journalism through her YouTube channel, Comic Uno. She currently works for Newsarama and DC Universe with bylines for IGN, Fandom, and TV Guide. 

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