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While I prefer moody teenage Groot, I find there is nothing better than a Baby Groot. What’s that I hear? There is something better than a Baby Groot? Oh, you’re right! It’s a Baby Groot you can hold and snuggle with! Build a Bear is releasing an adorable Groot for your collection! Now don’t rush to your local Build a Bear because this Baby is an online exclusive only.

Precious Baby Groot stands at 16 inches with a brown body and eyes. On his left foot says I am Groot, and on his right hand, I am Groot original shorts logo. Sadly this item cannot be purchased unstuffed, nor can a scent or sound be placed inside this tree friend.

Online Exclusive Happy Hugs Teddy Mighty Thor Gift Set, , hi-res

But wait! Groot joins other absolute adorable friends! There are bears like Mighty Thor, Doctor Strange, Vision, and Black Widow

Mighty Thor comes looking mighty as ever and is ready to lift Mjolnir! Mighty Thor comes with a suit, cape, helmet, and plush hammer, so he’s just waiting for his next epic adventure with you.

Doctor Strange is ready to protect Earth from any threat with his magic and looks good doing it with his adorable goatee. Doctor Strange graphic on the paw pad, a blue robe built into his fur, and a detachable red cloak. Conjure up your next magical adventure with your new best wizard friend.

Online Exclusive Doctor Strange Inspired Bear - Build-A-Bear Workshop®

Vision is missing his Wanda, will you hold him close instead? This android is ready to have a physics-defying good time with you! Vision comes with his signature yellow cape, shorts, and shoes. Take flight along with him.

Black Widow is ready to go on a mission with her new best friend, you! Just don’t let Hawkeye find out. This all-action intelligence agent comes with her built-in red wig, bodysuit, and comic book graphic on the paw pad. She also comes with two plush batons as part of her signature look. Fight side by side with her.


May be a cartoon of toy and text that says 'B-A-B MARVEL STUDIOS Gনোন I AM GET YOUR GROOT ON! Our NEW Baby Groot Plush Is Tremendously Fun! NEW Online Exclusive!'

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