Fandom News Roundup 3/6-3/12/21

Hey there Fandom Fans! It’s the 2nd week of March and I got to be honest, it feels like this month is flying. While March may be speeding by, the world of fandom is slowing down a bit this week. It’s a slow news week but there are still some newsworthy stories for you to read. Grab your favorite spring drink and join me on this informational journey.

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Townsville & The CW Find Their Powerpuff Girls 

It was previously announced that The CW was working on a live-action Powerpuff Girls series written by Diablo Cody. We finally know who will be playing the girls made of sugar, spice, and everything else. The leader of the trio, Blossom will be played by Chloe Bennet (Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD), Dove Cameron (Descendants) will portray the innocent Bubbles, and singer-songwriter Yana Perrault will star as the rough and tumble Buttercup. The show will follow the now-adult superheroes dealing with life. 

Demon Hunting…K-Pop Stars? 

Photo via AllKpop

K-Pop (Korean Pop Music) has taken over the world. Don’t believe us? Ask Fandom Spotlite’s own Rachel Moulden. Studio giant Sony is hoping to capitalize on the Hallyu wave with an animated film about a K-Pop girl group that also fights demons.  “K-Pop: Demon Hunters” is in production at the Oscar-winning studio behind “Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse,” from directors Maggie Kangand and Chris Appelhans. No word on who will be voicing the demon-hunting singers but we definitely recommend any member of Red Velvet.

Is “We Live In A Society,” a Winning Campaign Slogan? 

Photo via Cracked

When you are running for public office, it’s hard to get people to vote for you. Many people see politicians as evil villains. But, who would decide to lean into that angle? That would be Yusuke Kawai, who is running for governor of Chiba Prefecture. Instead of going out campaigning, kissing babies, and planting trees, he decided to dress as the Joker. Kawai was on NHK presenting a speech about the issues most important to him. However instead of focusing on outlawing the word “trash,” changing the town theme to “Let it Go,” or renaming  Makuhari Station as “Makuhari Messe Isn’t Here Station,” everyone focused on his Joker cosplay. Kawai hopes his cosplay will get support from the masses. We wonder if Batman will run against him.

New TMNT Game is Totally Nostalgic 

The heroes in a half-shell better beware, Shredder is out for revenge! Studio Dotemu released their game trailer for  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge! The trailer has everyone feeling nostalgic as the game is very reminiscent of the games from the 80s and 90s. This radical trailer is currently trending at number 13 on YouTube! Shredder’s Revenge will be available on PC and on consoles in the near future.

First Sally’s Song and Now Sally’s Story

EVS] Amy Lee - Sally's Song on VimeoThe Nightmare Before Christmas and its characters have a cult following, with many fans hoping to explore more of the beautifully dark world created by Tim Burton. Fans got a pseudo-sequel in Kingdom Hearts 2, but in July of 2022 we’ll return to Halloweentown in a new book about Sally Ragdoll. In the sequel, Sally will go through the other Holiday doors as the new Pumpkin Queen! Shea Ernshaw will be penning the sequel for Disney.

It Isn’t Easy Being a Masked Singer

In the premiere of season 5 of the Masked Singer, viewers were shocked to see who was behind the “Snail,” mask. It’s actually a well-crafted costume and not a mask. The singing snail ended up being a singing frog, Kermit THEE Frog! Kermit received the least amount of votes after singing his rendition of Hall & Oates’s “Dreams Come True.” Has television officially peaked?

Disney CEO Explains Carano’s Firing 

The Mandalorian and Deadpool actress, Gina Carano, was fired from her role as Cara Dune after posting what many deemed to be an anti-Semitic post. Disney CEO Bob Chapek has released a statement going into detail about her firing and clarifying it wasn’t based on her political beliefs. According to Chapek, Disney wants to create works that are  “reflective of the rich diversity of the world that we live in.” It appears that Carano and Disney’s worlds aren’t the same.

Hey, we reached the end of the news! A slow news week but a really interesting one. Which story stood out to you? Chat with us in the comments and online! Remember to stay safe and we hope you have a fun weekend!

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