EARTHRISE Quintesson Judge vs CYBERVERSE Quintesson – Versus Review

Transformers War for Cybertron Earthrise has brought a new Quintesson Judge to town, but how does it compare to the Quintesson from the Cyberverse Quintesson Invasion? Captain Kyle pits Quintesson versus Quintesson in this review, plus shows a few bonus pieces as well.

Since the animated Transformers: The Movie, Quintessons have been part of the Transformers lore as foes of the Autobots and Decepticons alike. However, no toy of these characters was produced, even after they returned in the Five Faces of Darkness opener to Season 3 and in many episodes after that. However, this has changed as time has gone by. There have been numerous 3rd party versions and we’ve seen Alpha Quintesson in Transformers Energon. But now in both Cyberverse and War For Cybertron Earthrise we see toys of these master manipulators.

If you want to obtain the Earthrise Quintesson Judge you can try on:

Amazon | Ebay | Entertainment Earth

If you want the Quintesson Invasion pack from Cyberverse, you can try:

Amazon | Ebay

For Alpha Quintesson, try Ebay with this link.

Which toy is better? You decide. Put your preference in the comments below.

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