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Transformers Beast Wars Transmetals, known as Metals in Japan, had some additional items besides the standard toys. In Japan, small model kits of popular characters were released and we have three of them! Metals Megatron, the Predacon or Destron Leader, plus Cheetor and Optimus Primal… or Convoy… from the Maximals or Cybertron faction. Captain Kyle will review these Beast Wars model kits, PLUS, a bonus odd Beast Wars item!

These Transformers model kits were produced in Japan back at the same time Beast Wars Transmetal and Metal toys were hitting shelves. They actually become functioning transforming toys, though without all the features of the regular line. In many cases you needed to detach parts of the kit and reattach it elsewhere, but the transformations are quite clever.

These oddities are very hard to find and eBay is the likeliest place to find them, though they aren’t available all the time. You may see model kits (which we’ll also review) of super deformed Beast Wars II characters and those are fun as well. These Metals model kits are difficult to find. Plus the Convoy Junior toy is also difficult to find, though usually reasonably priced. A company named Kabaya usually put them out.

For the model kits, try this link:

For the junior version of Metals Convoy, try this one:

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