Batgirl Finds Her Roommate

Hot off the heels of some recent Batgirl casting announcements, the upcoming HBO Max production has found their Alysia Yeoh. We Rise actress Ivory Aquino has landed the role of Barbara’s friend and roommate, bringing one of Batgirl’s most storied characters to the screen.

Ivory Aquino

Rumors had already begun circulating with photos of Ivory and Leslie Grace on the Batgirl set together began emerging online. By the time the announcement was made, many had already landed on Ivory playing Alysia Yeoh.

This brings up an important note of the casting announcement. To many, Alysia Yeoh is considered one of DC’s first trans characters. While this isn’t necessarily true, she does represent the first in the DCEU! Alysia joins Supergirl‘s Echo as two of the pioneers of DC’s on-screen trans characters.

More set leaks seem to be finding their way online almost daily, increasing the amount of information we have for the upcoming HBO Max flick. However, some have pointed out how poor the set security must be.

Security guard at a door, then opening the door.

While Batgirl is slated to release this year, no concrete date has been set so far. Regardless, news around the upcoming Batgirl movie seems to be dropping daily. Keep your eyes peeled for more, like who is Jacob Scipio playing in the flick? What do you think the next announcement for this movie might be?


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