A Smashing NEW Collab from Marvel and Urban Decay!

Team-ups are the best part of the superhero world. From the Justice League to The Avengers, The Crow  & Hack / Slash, and many more… heroes come together for the greater good to help save others. And just like your favorite heroes, She-Hulk and Marvel are teaming up with Urban Decay to bring fans a smashing new look for their makeup routine!

This amazing team-up gives fans two eyeshadow palettes for that marvelous glam feeling, whether you’re at the office, taking on bad guys, or taking on your typical everyday life.



The collection includes 2 eyeshadow palettes:

Full-Size Urban Decay x Marvel Studios’ She-Hulk Eyeshadow Palette ($45)

This full-size eyeshadow palette includes thirteen show-inspired shades that contain silky-yet-strong, blendable mattes, super-intense sparkles, shifty shimmers, and an extra-large transformative iconic green shade in the center of our sleek palette. The differing shades and finishes are meant to pay homage to the struggle that Jennifer Walters faces as she attempts to balance both her career as an ambitious lawyer and her newly discovered Hulk-like powers.



Mini Size Urban Decay x Marvel Studios’ She-Hulk Eyeshadow Palette ($30)

The small but mighty eyeshadow mini palette contains six She-Hulk-approved shades that vary from warm neutrals to simple shimmers. The travel-friendly, Jennifer Walters-inspired palette will allow you to create smashing looks with perfectly portioned neutrals and transformative, morphing green shades to express every side of you. From hyper-shine sparkles inspired by She-Hulk’s larger-than-life stature to mesmerizing demi-mattes that channel laidback LA vibes, this mini palette has got it all.


The She-Hulk Urban Decay Collections hits the internet on August 24 at urbandecay.com

Don’t miss She-Hulk: Attorney at Law streaming on Disney+  on August 18. 

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