A Sanrio Fan’s Guide to The Hello Kitty Café Truck

If you’re a fan of all things Sanrio you’ve probably heard of the Hello Kitty Café Truck. Living in the Midwest makes it harder for me to visit the actual cafés in California and Las Vegas, but the café truck brings that Sanrio spirit to multiple cities in the US. I recently visited the truck when it came to the Metro Detroit area and I’m sharing some tips to help you when the truck makes a visit to your town.

Get There Early

This is my second time going to the Hello Kitty Café Truck and the lesson I painstakingly learned from my first visit was to get there as early as possible. The first time I went to the truck, I got there about an hour early before the truck opened only to be greeted by a very long line which meant a longer wait time and the possibility of not getting items. This time I was smarter, and I arrived two hours before the truck arrived and got in line. There was a line when I arrived but not as long as it was for my first rodeo visiting the truck. I only had to wait an hour in line to get my items once the truck opened for business.

Be Patient

The wait IS long! I waited a total of three hours, but everyone’s experience will be a bit different depending on your location. If you plan to get there early, maybe bring a friend or family member to wait along with you. Or if you decide to go by yourself, bring something to keep you preoccupied. I brought a lawn chair (as many other people did) to relax in which helped a lot. Some people brought mobile games and snacks for morning fuel to help pass the time. The line moved slowly (remember this is a pop-up truck, not a store) and time seemed to crawl at a snail’s pace.

Budget Accordingly

It’s no secret that Sanrio items can be pricey at times. If you can, try to set a budget for yourself so you won’t overspend on merchandise. Do keep in mind that many items are made exclusively for the truck, so if you pass up on an item you may not be able to find it later. I saw many people walk up to the board ahead of time pricing the items they wanted so they could figure out what to purchase before checking out.

Items May Sell Out

The first time I visited the Hello Kitty Café Truck I got up to the front of the line only to find out that multiple items had already sold out. Keep in mind again that some items are exclusive and they only have limited quantities per truck. The same thing happened again during my second visit, but thankfully because I got in line very early only one item sold out (which was the 4-pc mini cake I wanted to try). Items do sell out fast. Hopefully, you get the items you want, but just be aware that everything might not be available once you check out.

Have fun!

Just as the philosophy of Hello Kitty and friends is to bring smiles to everyone, be sure to have fun most importantly! Enjoy yourself and get dressed up in your best attire. I saw everything from Sanrio-themed Lolita dresses, Hello Kitty Café merch from years before, and many creative kawaii-themed outfits. I got to chat with other Sanrio fans about their favorite characters and swapped tips about the best places to find merchandise.

I hope these tips help you when the Hello Kitty Café Truck comes to your town! Which Sanrio character is your favorite? Let us know!

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