6 Nostalgic Disney Channel Movies for Summer!

We’re slowly beginning what’s considered the unofficial start of the summer season! With warm weather and sunny skies on the horizon, it’s a great time to watch some summer-themed movies. Today I’ll be sharing some nostalgic Disney channel original films on Disney+ to relive old memories.

Johnny Kapahala: Back on Board No description available.

This film is a follow-up sequel to the 1999 film Johnny Tsunami. Johnny Kapahala, a teen snowboarding champion from Vermont, returns to Oahu, Hawaii for the wedding of his grandfather, “Johnny Tsunami”. He’s excited for the marriage as he’ll have a new uncle to hang out with, but eventually he realizes his “Uncle Chris” is a 12-year-old spoiled kid. This film features the beautiful scenery of Hawaii transporting viewers to a sunny destination and is also action-packed with multiple scenes of cool Mountainboarding tricks. No description available.

Camp Rock

Mitchie is a young girl aspiring to be a singer. This movie is about her time at Camp Rock, a summer music camp where she will discover friends, adversaries, romance, and her voice. This is my first movie where I watched Demi Lovato and got acquainted with their voice. It has all of the summer camp vibes, an exciting soundtrack to keep viewers entertained, and also helped to cement my being a fan of the Jonas Brothers’ music.


Rip GirlsNo description available.

The film’s plot follows Sydney, her father, and her stepmom Elizabeth, who go to an island on Hawaii (which was filmed in Australia), where they find a closer relationship to each other while struggling with ideas of changes to the island. This film has themes of self-discovery and follows a coming-of-age summer movie trope. It has a catchy beach OST and some awesome cinematography shots of surfing.No description available.


High School Musical 2

The sequel to one of the most legendary DCOM movies follows Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez and the rest of the East High Wildcats as they go on summer vacation and work at a country club owned by Sharpay Evans. It’s not as strong of a movie as its predecessor in my eyes, but this film had all the summer bops and visuals. My favorite track was What Time Is It? which was basically my anthem to celebrate the beginning of my summer vacations back in my school days.

The Proud Family MovieNo description available.

This was an enjoyable summer-themed movie featuring one of my favorite TV families that capped off the end of the series. Penny and her family are lured on an all-expenses-paid vacation where a mad scientist captures them, refusing to let them go because Oscar won’t reveal his on of his secret Proud Snacks formulas. Even though I was sad to see this series end back then, I was glad it captured the lively essence of its characters that viewers loved and it made me laugh out loud many times!No description available.

The Cheetah Girls 2

Last, but not least, the Cheetah Girls franchise has created a memorable set of movies that I can re-watch time and time again. In this film, the talented girl group takes a whirlwind tour of Spain to pursue their dreams of pop superstardom. The songs in this sequel film are incredible and I like how this film series portrays a deep friendship among a group of young women. I loved the backdrop of Spain and how they infused Latin music and the Cheetah Girls’ pop.

What Disney Channel Movies were your favorites to watch in the Summer?

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