6 More Capricorn Anime Characters

A new year always means new opportunities and beginnings, but there’s one thing about the first couple weeks of January that always stays the same: it’s Capricorn season. Last year, I shared not just one, but two lists of Capricorn anime characters, and now I have even more to add. Since 17 characters apparently wasn’t enough, here are 6 more!

Bertholdt Hoover (Attack On Titan) – December 30

Being an perfectionist can cause a lot of anxiety, so sometimes Capricorns, who are often overachievers, have a nervous disposition, and shy Bertholdt fits the bill. But it isn’t a drive to be the best that makes Bertholdt so jumpy: he shoulders a dark secret that will inevitably turn all his friends against him.

Daichi Sawamura (Haikyuu!!) – December 31

As the respected captain of the Karasuno Volleyball Team, Daichi is responsible and hardworking. He took the lead in returning his high school’s volleyball team to its former glory and continues to support and guide its younger members. Although he doesn’t necessarily rule with an iron fist, his strict leadership can make him a little intimidating at times.

Hajime Hinata (Danganronpa) – January 1

It’s rather ironic that pessimism is a common Capricorn trait, and yet Hajime bears the title of “Ultimate Hope.” I guess that pessimism is partly responsible for why he forgot what his talent was (aside from the brainwashing, of course). On the other hand, his cynical, realist personality is perfectly on brand for his zodiac sign.

Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivruski IV (Cowboy Bebop) – January 1

From her eccentric self-appointed name to her baffling intelligence, Ed is quirky to say the least. This wild child embodies the creative and ambitious side of Capricorns, but the stereotype of being practical and focused certainly does not apply to her.

Yukichi Fukuzawa (Bungou Stray Dogs) – January 10

Fukuzawa comes off the way that many Capricorns view themselves: strong, wise, and disciplined. Unlike the more arrogant members of this zodiac sign, however, Fukuzawa genuinely demonstrates these traits rather than just fruitlessly striving for them.

Hanayo Koizumi (Love Live!) – January 17

We are both starting and ending this list with timid characters. Hanayo, however, does have her passionate side: she loves school idols so much that she’s able to become one herself despite her insecurities. This determination to follow her dream is perfectly apropos for a driven Capricorn.

Now that I’ve spotlighted 23 Capricorn anime characters, which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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