5 Things We Need To See In ‘Scream VI’

Scream VI is just around the corner and anticipation for the film’s release runs high. Fans are eagerly awaiting what’s next for the franchise as Ghostface swaps the small-town lifestyle of Woodsboro for the bright lights of New York City. With an incredible trailer and strong viral marketing campaign behind it, Scream VI is already projected to score the franchise’s highest opening weekend ever, giving hope for further entries in the future.

Even with the absence of Neve Campbell, fans have much optimism that Radio Silence can build upon their successful Scream 2022 reboot and deliver a Scream film quite unlike anything we’ve seen from the franchise so far. 

With that said, here are five things we need to see in Scream VI!

An iconic Samara Weaving opening kill

There is an argument that Samara Weaving could become a prominent figure for the franchise moving forward (and we’d be all here for that!), but the Ready or Not actress seems tailor-made to deliver an iconic opening sequence that stands the test of time. Drew Barrymore’s infamous Scream opening still stands amongst the greatest in genre history, providing the template for what was to come. Since then, the franchise has seen mixed openings, with Scream 2 and Scream 5 delivering the more memorable moments. Given the location change, the opportunity to deliver a classic opening kill is one that Radio Silence cannot turn down. Weaving has the acting chops and personality to open Scream VI in style, as she navigates the dark and harrowing streets of New York City whilst Ghostface lurks in the shadows.

More of Sam’s “Dark Passenger”

Melissa Barrera’s Sam Carpenter was revealed to be the daughter of Billy Loomis in Scream 2022, and while the film teased her inner darkness, it never fully explored it. The only real glimpse of Sam’s dark passenger came from her brutal execution of Richie during the film’s final act, and who could blame her given the events that unfolded. Barrera, rather unfairly in my opinion, received some criticism amongst fans for her performance in Scream 5 but this latest outing allows her to shine and bring the character to life. Sam’s complicated condition offers up many exciting possibilities moving forward and could open up the scenario for a previous victim finally snapping and going on a rampage themselves. Whether that means the character would wear the iconic mask herself or unleash bloody revenge on those who do is one for further discussion, but both scenarios would make for an engrossing watch.

Tara to be more of a central focus

Jenny Ortega is the talk of the town right now, having a standout year in 2022. Performances in Scream, Ti West’s X, and Netflix’s Wednesday have seen the actress become a household name and this is something that Radio Silence, Spyglass, and Paramount should look to capitalize on. Tara’s intense and bloody interaction with Ghostface in the opening scene of Scream 2022 allowed Ortega to flex her acting chops, and Scream VI can allow her to take the character one step further and become a battle-hardened focus for the film. Given Tara’s trauma, Scream VI could take the character in many different directions and offer us something we didn’t get from the previous outing. 

Multiple beloved fan favorites to die

Ok, put the pitchforks away for a minute, and let me explain! The Scream franchise has rarely shied away from killing off beloved fan favorites and this a trend that Scream VI needs to take to the next level. Plot armor is something we see in many properties, but the nature of Scream means that no one should be safe. While fans connect with certain characters, having the majority of them survive leaves things feeling a little too safe.  With this Ghostface teased as “something different,” there is a real opportunity for Scream VI to go heavy on the bloodshed and deliver a Ghostface not to be messed with. A more militant, trained, and deadly version of the killer would be terrifying and seeing Ghostface unleash a high body count throughout the Big Apple would leave a lasting impression. Given the extensive list of characters in play for Scream VI, it feels like the perfect opportunity to knock a couple off and leave the surviving members in a perilous final showdown with the killer(s)…

A change to the formula

All previous Scream entries have adopted a similar approach, with the final reveal usually consisting of two killers. And while this formula has still provided horror with one of its most effective franchises, it feels like a change is now needed. Radio Silence made it clear that their reboot of the series was set out to honor the late Wes Craven, and they did that with great success, but this latest outing gives them the chance to unleash their own style on the franchise and take it in a new direction. Bringing Ghostface into the big city offers up many exciting possibilities and can establish Scream VI as a fresh, inventive entry. Did someone say the Cult of Ghostface…

So, there are five things we need to see in Scream VI? What do you want to see in the film? Let us know in the comments section below.


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