10 Creepy Small Businesses YOU NEED to Shop

October may be the month of spookiness but these small businesses are creepy every day, every season.

10. VintageSpookyCompany

Halloween Is Eternal Vintage Style Halloween Die Cut image 1

Vintage Spooky is just like its name says, a business that is not only vintage but spooky too. Based in New York, Vintage gives off a fun nostalgic feel. They also create what they call monster products. If I were you, I wouldn’t sleep on such beautiful work, I think I’ll creepify my house this season. I give them 10/10 boooooos.

9. ABlackStar

Cold Brew Coffins & Covens™ Halloween Shirt Fall Shirt image 2

A Black Star is a creepy, handmade fashion,  year-round Halloween item source.  Based in Texas, with an average rating of 4.8 stars and over twelve thousand sales, I find this shop highly intriguing. The typical but always loved horror font on their shirts, and the sayings are absolutely adorable, like ‘Cold brew, Coffins, and Covens’ Come shop for totes, shirts, stationary or ask for something custom.

8. PumpkinHeadPrintShop

CUSTOM Planchette made to order image 1

Pumpkinhead is based in Westminster, Maryland, creating carvings and woodcuts for the eternally spooky. Their beautifully done carvings are to die for.  With 640 sales and a 4.8 rating, this business is booming and deserves to be noticed! Carvings not listed as “ready to ship” usually take about 8-12 weeks to cut, carve, paint, and finish so order as soon as you can if you want anything to display this Halloween.

7. 12MonthsofOctoberCO

Dont Summon Demons in the Bathroom Goth Home Decor image 1

They conjure up decor for those of us who prefer the dusty corners and the gnarled branch, whose comfort is in the spaces faced away from the sun. Their decor is intended to feel as though it was taken right out of the abandoned haunted house that sits at the edge of town, where ghosts dwell, and light is replaced with darkness. They cater to the Autumn People, thinking only Autumn thoughts.

6. CraftyB

UK-based and charity-supporting, The Crafty Burreato offers spooky little gifts, cards, prints, and more. With a range of Halloween-themed Christmas decorations, there’s no need to take down and re-decorate between October and December!

5. Unholy Chapel Oddities


Unholy Chapel Oddities—your new favorite oddity shop! Their shop was borne of blood and bones in the spring of 2020, hailing from Lakewood, Ohio’s small city and Erie’s shores. They specialize in oddities, bones (both animal and human alike), vintage medical pieces, and occult goodies as well. All their pieces are sustainably sourced, and nothing is killed for profit—nor do they support that in the least!

4. IntimateCuriosities

Inanimate Curiosities specializes in selling vintage and antique skulls, taxidermy, and natural history objects. Founded based on a fascination with animals and morphology, they seek to bring you engrossing and ethically sourced natural wonders from around the world.

3. Bearded Noise

Their tagline is ‘Spooky fun on a budget.’ Bearded Noise was created in 2017, starting in beard oils, then moving up to horror jewelry, and now even including bones. Bearded Noise is based in Philadelphia, PA, and has its own event called Goth Shop and Social. Shop their spooky wares this fall season or any season actually.

2. BabyBatBeauty

We're excited to release our first makeup bag! Plus a tote bag with our logo and 2 new liquid eyeliner shades 🦇 . Don't forget our sale this weekend! Free $25 gift card on all orders over $100 and free gifts in every order 🖤 . ⛧Free shipping on U.S orders over $50 and international orders over $100⛧ . . . #babybatbeauty #indiemakeup #indiemakeupandmore #crueltyfreecosmetics #makeupideas #makeupgoals #crueltyfreemakeup #veganbeauty #vegancosmetics #eyelinerswatch #eyeliner #womanowned #womanownedbusiness #smallbusiness #alternativemakeup #eyemakeup #undiscoveredmuas #makeup #makeupbag #newproducts #totebag, created 9-6-2022, slide 1/4

Baby Bat is a brand born in Philadelphia. She has a very goth and horror aesthetic to her makeup. A creator of cute and creepy cosmetics for your every desire. All her products are formulated with love and care! She is PETA-certified cruelty-free, talc-free, paraben-free, gluten-free, and vegan. Only high-quality ingredients are used for an affordable price.

1 Beardo’s Curiosities


Beardo Curiosities specializes in spreading the elegance of butterflies and moth’s with a horror twist. Founded based on a love for horror movies and fascination of entomology, Beardos Curiosities seeks to bring the beauty in horror right to your home.

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