Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Edition Nintendo Switch Revealed

Legend of Zelda: Tears of the kingdom Nintendo Switch is launching soon!

On top of new gameplay Nintendo revealed a new Switch OLED edition inspired by Legend of Zelda: tears of the kingdom. The bundle is black with gold designs on it on the console and dock. Many fans on social media have pointed out that there is no game included in the console bundle which is something that doesn’t happen often. There have been rumors of a new Nintendo Switch with better graphics releasing alongside this new Zelda game but that isn’t happening.

Each of these products is sold especially. Zelda OLED Switch console will release on April 28, 2023. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller & Switch Case will release on the same day as the game.  There is also a new pro controller and carrying case with the same design (Pictured below).

New Nintendo switch pro controller and carrying case – Zelda: Tears of the kingdom

If you wanted to buy all the Tears of the Kingdom merchandise, It would come down to… roughly $676 USD before tax.

$69.99 – Standard game
$129.99 – Collector’s Edition
$15.99 – Link amiibo
$359.99 – OLED Model
$74.99 – Pro Controller
$24.99 – Switch Carrying Case

The Good news is that you have a few weeks to start saving before Tears of the kingdom launches on May 12.

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