TRANSFORMERS Netflix ELITA-1 vs Botcon ELITA-1 – Versus Review

Transformers debuted the character of Elita-1 back in Season 2 of the cartoon, but it wasn’t until 2009 that we received a toy of this female Autobot warrior and leader. In this video, that first Elita-1 toy is put up against the new Netflix version of Elita-1 and Captain Kyle will go into all the details. You decide which is better.

Elita-1 (Or Elita-One, if you prefer) is, according to the cartoon series, the rebuilt form of a female Autobot named Ariel. She and Orion Pax were badly damaged when Megatron came to rob the energy storage facility where they worked. Orion Pax became Optimus Prime while Ariel was rebuilt into Elita-1. This character has had many different appearances and origin stories, though. In Transformers Animated she was an Autobot Elite-Guard Trainee who was lost during an unauthorized outing and became Black Arachnia. The Netflix series doesn’t give an origin for her, but she did decide to stay behind on Cybertron when Optimus left the planet.

The Botcon Exclusive of Elita-1 is the first ever transforming toy of the character and she is put up against the latest version, the Netflix Elita-1.

You may still be able to find Elita-1 at Walmart Retail Stores, or you can check eBay by clicking this link:

For the Botcon Elita-1, click this link to check eBay:

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