TRANSFORMERS KT Figure Collection – Oddities Review

The Transformers KT Figure Collection, put out by a co-brand of Kaiyodo and Takara in 2004, consists of 5 figures and an exclusive. Captain Kyle goes through the 5 figures, including one that is very different than the other 4. The exclusive is not in this video and is a repaint of one of the main figures.

Released in 2004, this collection consists of a mini-bust of Autobot leader Optimus Prime, or Convoy as he’s called in Japan, Decepticons Frenzy and Rumble using their piledrivers, a diorama inspired from Transformers the Movie with Devastator breaking through a wall to confront Arcee and Hot Rod, and finally another diorama featuring Ai-chan (known as Tai in the US) taking a bath. This last figure is the only one not featuring Generation One characters and is very different in tone as well. Why a hologram would take a bath is something that puzzles Captain Kyle and likely everyone else familiar with the character. This non-transforming set is definitely an oddity.

The exclusive, which is not featured, is a silver repaint of the Optimus Prime mini-bust in order to represent the special metallic coating that he used in “The Return of Optimus Prime Part 2” to avoid being infected by the hate plague.

If you’d like to get these figures (singly or as a set), you can try eBay with this link:

This collection was put out exclusively by Kaiyodo and Takara. It was not released by Hasbro in the United States.

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