TRANSFORMERS ARCEE – Studio Series 86 Versus Thrilling 30

We put the new Studio Series 86 Arcee against the Thrilling 30 Generations Arcee in this Transformers versus review. Captain Kyle examines each in detail and side-by-side to see which is best for your collection. Or both. Both are an option.

The Thrilling 30 Generations version of Arcee has long been heralded as the best official version of the character and seen as better than the Earthrise version by a long shot. Armed with two guns and two swords, this version is ready for action and has been recolored a few times into different toys. However, the Studio Series 86 borrowed many design elements from the Thrilling 30 toy, and may very well be a worthy challenger, even if it only has one gun.

To get the Studio Series 86 version, you can try:

Amazon: (on sale at the time this video was published)
Hasbro Pulse:

For the Thrilling 30 version, try this link:


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