The Flash vs. The KKK – Ezra Miller Targets Hate Group

Superheroes taking on the KKK is nothing new. Between Captain America, Black Panther, and Superman, the heroes of the comic worlds have stood for racial justice for a long time! However, often the real world gets less attention when it comes to Superheroes taking on hatred.

In the past, Superman took on the KKK through his radio broadcasts, and the creator infiltrated the group. Using the Klan’s own ridiculous code against them, Superman made a mockery of the group that was attempting to rise into power. In late January 2022, we can add The Flash to that list.

Taking to Instagram, Flash star Ezra Miller posted a cryptic video threatening the hate group. Specifically a North Carolina chapter of the organization.

Seemingly out of nowhere, Miller calls out the organization and tells them what to do. Reaction to the video was intense on Twitter, where jokes and commentary came in droves.

Some took the chance to point out the responses to Miller’s comments that are more telling. Further still, they called out specific media pundits, many of which tend to post inflammatory remarks on these matters.

Many took the opportunity to crack jokes at the situation. Alternatively many took the opportunity to remind people of some of Miller’s more uncomfortable actions in the past. Including the time Miller allegedly assaulted a fan.

Regardless, along with other news this past week, is showing us that 2022 is shaping up to be a weird year. What kinds of weirdness is still on your 2022 Bingo Card? Do you expect any sort of celebrity and hate-group clashes in the future?

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