Persona 5 Phantom Thieves x Game Beauty Makeup Collection

Calling all Persona 5 Phantom Thieves fans! Think you would never get a makeup collab with your favorite video game? Guess again! Game Beauty is here to bridge the gap for all those gamers who also love beauty. This collection is limited edition and pre-orders started shipping on January 12th, and the collection officially launches on the site in the spring. I hope y’all got your pre-orders in because this will go fast. The entire collection is vegan and cruelty-free. 

Here’s the breakdown of the collab:

Heat Wave Blush Single – $8 This blush comes in 4 different shades: Panther- cotton candy pink, Queen- coral almond, Noir- pale violet, and Violet- bright red. This is a pressed powder blush that melts at the touch and turns into a creamy texture. I think this means it’s a powder-to-cream blush. 

Hot Night Liquid Lipstick – $12 This liquid lipstick comes in 7 different shades: Arlene- dark red, Zorro- black, Carmen- fiery rose, Goeman- royal purple, Milady- bright pink, and Cendrillon- medium blue. These are fragrance-free and have a creamy mousse-like texture. This could be a very comfortable liquid lip formula that’s lightweight and easy to use and layer. 

Shapeshifter Shadow – $6 These duochrome single shadows come in 5 different shades: Captain Kidd- red with a yellow shift, Johanna- sky blue with a purple shift, Necronomicon- green with a purple shift, and Robin Hood- white with a reddish gold shift. These are a great and fun way to dip your toe into duochrome shadows if you haven’t already. 

After School Liquid Eyeliner Pen – $10 These ultra-fine felt-tip liners come in 6 shades: Joker- black, Mona- blue, Skull- yellow, Fox- light blue, Oracle- lime green, and Crow- white. These are smudge-proof and water-resistant. These look super cute to help you stay on trend with graphic eye looks while enjoying your favorite Persona 5 character. 

Phantom Thieves and Metaverse Eyeshadow Palettes – $18 The Phantom Thieves palette has 9 shadows made up of 6 pressed pigments and 3 regular shadows that are a variety of matte and shimmers. This palette is a range of pastels. The Metaverse palette has 9 shadows that are a mix of mattes and shimmers. This palette has a mix of muted brights and deeper shades. Pressed pigments are shades that can potentially stain the skin and may have more powder kick-up when in use. 

Here is the list of bundle prices:

Two palette bundle – $33 Includes Phantom Thieves and Metaverse palettes 
Metaverse bundle – $100 Includes Metaverse palette, liquid lipstick set, and Shapeshifter shadow set
Phantom Thieves Bundle – $96 Includes Phantom Thieves palette, blush set, and liquid eyeliner set
Phantom Thieves Limited Edition full collection – $216 with gift box, $196 without gift box

For full swatches and colors, here’s the link to their website:™

What I would grab from the collab: As a makeup hoarder, I now try to look for things that would add to my collection, and my favorite shades. But the makeup piece that stood out to me was the blush set. I would definitely get that for the range of unique shades and I would love to try out that formula. I would also get the Shapeshifter shadows as I’m slowly getting into duochromes and the pricing is pretty good. The last thing I would get is the blue and purple liquid lipsticks, in shades Goeman and Cendrillon. My go-to is any unconventional lip color. 

I have never tried this brand before and I am curious to know if any of you have. Angelica Nyqvist has reviewed them on her YouTube channel if you want to see it in use. She loves gaming and beauty as well, and I have heard great things about Game Beauty from her. Let me know if this collab did a good job and if there were any hits or misses. Who else would you like to see Game Beauty collab with next?

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