Hazbin Hotel’s Lucifer Morningstar Gets an Official Design

Yesterday, the official Hazbin Hotel Twitter account released the character design for Lucifer Morningstar. Check it out below!

Lucifer is the father of the show’s protagonist, Charlie Morningstar. Creator Vivienne Medrano confessed in a reply to the announcement that he (whom she calls “Lu” in the post) may be her personal favorite character in the Hazbin Hotel cast. Her inclusion of a duck emoji in this Tweet, as well as the mountains of rubber duckies in the background of the official artwork, suggests that this character is going to have a quirky affinity for the waterfowl. In the Pilot episode, all we saw of Lucifer was one frame of him in a Morningstar family portrait, so it will be exciting to see him animated in motion.

There are few changes between the design we see in the portrait above and this new rendering, except that, like his daughter Charlie, his pupils are now red instead of black.

This reveal comes about one month after the same Twitter account released the designs for “the VEES,” Vox, Velvette, and Valentino, who are overlords of Hell. Unlike Lucifer, who at least had a cameo in the Pilot, none of these characters appeared in the episode at all (although we did get some glimpses of Valentino in the music video for the song “ADDICT,” performed by characters Angel Dust and Cherry Bomb).

I would have loved to report on that reveal when it happened, but at the time I was too busy getting my phone and wallet stolen in Paris. Fun stuff.

A24’S Hazbin Hotel series is set to premiere next summer.

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