Fandom News Roundup 3/27 – 4/2/21

Congratulations Fandom Fans! You made it to level four of 2021! Level three was definitely difficult. The world of fandom has followed a particular trend this week. Which you will read in a moment. But, there are a few major stories we think you’ll be excited about! Get cozy, turn on some relaxing music, and let’s get to the news.

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Mortal Kombat 

Mortal Kombat was previously scheduled to be released in theaters and on HBO Max on April 16, 2021. The film based on the fan-favorite video game will now premiere on April 23, 2021. We are also planning to do a virtual panel about the film on April 26, 2021. If you want to join us, look out for a sign-up post about it!

Venom: Let There Be Carnage 

The debut date for the sequel to Venom, Let There Be Carnage, has been moved around a lot.  During the big game, it was revealed the date would be June 25, 2021. Now the new date is September 24, 2021. Let’s hope this symbiote doesn’t jump to another date…again.

Resident Evil: Welcome To Raccoon City

I’m personally very excited about this film. I’m a huge Resident Evil fan! Welcome to Raccoon City was scheduled to be released on September 3, 2021. The film will now debut one day before Thanksgiving on November 24, 2021. Nothing says giving thanks like zombies!

PAX East 2021 to be Replaced with PAX Online

COVID-19 has taken another convention away from us. The popular gaming convention PAX East has been canceled for this year. The convention, usually held in Boston, will now occur virtually as PAX Online. PAX Online will run July 15-18, 2021. Penny Arcade and ReedPop are hoping PAX West & PAX Unplugged will still be held in person. There is no other information yet on what PAX Online will offer fans.

The Bad Batch Looks Pretty Good to Us. 

Disney+ released a new trailer for The Bad Batch this week and it looks good! The series will debut with a 70-minute episode on May 4, 2021, AKA Star Wars Day. After that the show will air episodically every Friday, starting May 7th.

More Casting News

Casting Call: Systematic Audition - BrettTerpstra.comHollywood is continuing to snag up superstars for their upcoming projects and they aren’t pulling any punches.

The Boys Season 3 Casts NSFW character Little Nina 

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Katia Winter has been cast as the short Russian mob boss Little Nina. Those familiar will the comics will know that Little Nina has a fondness…for sex toys. Hey, a girl has needs. It will be interesting to see how Little Nina will play into Season 3 of The Boys.

Batman: The Long Halloween Finds its Batman

You would think Halloween is Batman’s favorite holiday, but after The Long Halloween, it’s probably Arbor Day.
The critically acclaimed comic is the next to be adapted into an animated movie over at DC.  The film will be broken up into two parts. Part one comes out in the Summer of 2021, and part two will follow up in the Fall of 2021. Supernatural’s Jensen Ackles will voice Batman in this film, after previously voicing the Red Hood.

Meet the Maker of The PowerPuff Girls

The genius that figured out the formula for the perfect little girls, Professor Drake Utonium, has been cast for the CW’s PowerPuff Girls series. Scrubs star Donald Faison will play the Powerpuff Girls’ creator and father. Faison joins Dove Cameron, Chloe Bennet, and Yana Perrault to round out the main cast. 

From The King of Monsters to The King of Cats 

ThundercatsWarner Bros. continues to ride the nostalgia train, with its next stop being the Thundercats Movie, which will be directed by Adam Wingard, who recently directed Godzilla Vs Kong. The film will use the original animated series as its inspiration. Which makes us fans of the remake sad.  Joining Adam Wingard are Dan Lin and Roy Lee. This trio previously worked on Netflix’s Death Note adaptation and we all know how well that turned out.

Internal screaming* (with sound!) : aphextwin
The Best Game of 2020 is Getting the Film Treatment 

The hit game Ghost of Tsushima was praised by fans and critics worldwide. Sony is hoping to cash in on this by producing a feature film for Ghost of Tsushima. John Wick director Chad Stahelski is attached at the helm, along with Sucker Punch’s Peter Kang serving as an executive producer.

No New Gods 

What we had all hoped would be an April Fools joke sadly is a reality. Director Ava DuVernay announced on Twitter that WB would not be moving forward on its New Gods film. Along with New Gods, WB/DC pulled the plug on The Trenches adaptation as well.

Disney and Adidas Pair up With Stan Smith

Disney and Adidas have worked together on past collections. This latest collab is all about sustainability! Disney and Adidas have paired up with Stan Smith for a collection inspired by all things Disney green. The sneakers feature iconic Disney characters like Tinkerbell, Groot, Kermit the Frog, Wall-E, Mike Wazowski, Rex, and the Incredible Hulk! This limited-edition collection is made out of recyclable and sustainable materials. Each shoe has Stan Smith’s signature green heel tab.  The sneakers are available on Adidas’s website and other major sneaker retailers.

That completes our first Fandom News Roundup of April! What do you fans think? Any stories you’ll be sharing with your friends? Share with us what’s got you hype in the comments and online via our socials. Remember to stay safe! We’ll see you right back here next Friday!

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