Fandom Funding: Broken Beat

Fandom Funding is where we feature a geeky/nerdy crowdfunding project that highlights an existing fandom or looks to create a new one.

Today’s Fandom Funding is the manga Broken Beat by CreativeTheoryWorld with an anime series currently in development.

Broken Beat is a series about the main character Sin who is, one of the last Forthbringers. After witnessing his father being killed by The Creator God Seikatsu he is told to seek out the Garden of Eden to fulfill his destiny. Venturing out into a world of the never-ending conflict between humans and manifestors makes his journey a constant challenge. In order to stop Seikatsu’s reign, Sin must become a Knight of Eve.

The Kickstarter campaign is working to fund the production of one full season of the manga’s anime adaptation. These funds will be used for marketing, character voiceovers, music, and other aspects of bringing this animated series to the big screen.

Sound interesting? You can read the manga on their website and check out the trailer for the series that include some snippets of the action and stunning visuals.

At this time the Broken Beat series has many of its components already in place. Magnetic Studios, who is a group of former Toei animators are currently working on this project. They have animated for the titles mentioned, the quality and experience will bring a definite edge to this series. The series will also have award-winning voice actors such as Eli Harris (Star Wars: The Order, Nebraska) and other established voice actors such as Sura Siu (Squid Game).

At the current time, the campaign has already reached just over $5,000 of its $50,000 goal! You can donate as little as $1 to show your support to this upcoming anime series or there is a multitude of higher-tier stretch goals that you can contribute to.

Pledge US$ 10 or more and receive a special keychain. For $20 or more you will receive a Keychain and a physical copy of Broken Beat manga.

Looking to donate a little more? Consider the $50 bundles that will get you the previous items mentioned above as well as a Broken Beat poster and mug. A $100 contribution will add a Broken Beat Team T-shirt to the mix. $200 or more will all the items and mentioned Lenticular Poster and a special shout-out in the credits!

If Broken Beat sounds like the anime for you, bring this series to life by backing their Kickstarter campaign.

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