Fandom Food We’d be Thankful to See on Our Tables This Year

The Holidays are here and while we should be focused on spending time with loved ones, peace on earth, and goodwill; we know that food is the priority. We at Fandom Spotlite took some time to discuss our favorite food from the World of Fandom. Grab a plate and Bon Appetit.

Rachel – Ramen From Ponyo 

“It’s without a doubt that all of the food featured in Ghibli films looks mouth-watering and delicious! Food always manages to make a larger or sometimes more subtle connection to the themes in each film. As a person who loves ramen, I have always wanted to try the ramen dish from Ponyo. Sure it’s not the most artesian or specialty of ramen, but the simplicity is actually what appeals to me. The pairing of flavors of ham, eggs, and onions along with ramen noodles sounds so appetizing to mean. The charm of this dish is how it brings warmth to Ponyo and Sousuke after a long day. Comfort food may not be the most complicated of dishes, but it’s meaningful and brings solace to me.”

Martin– A Good Burger 

“Growing up, I was obsessed with Nickelodeon and Kenan and Kel. I probably have watched Good Burger over 50 times. Each time ever since I was young, I have craved a good burger. My favorite food in general is a really good cheeseburger so this was an obvious choice. The way the characters would describe the ingredients would make my mouth water. When Ed makes a secret sauce that literally brings so many customers to the restaurant, I wanted to taste that sauce. Hopefully, with news of a sequel being made, a pop-up location will be around so I can fulfill this dream of mine.” 

Jaz – Cheesecake made by our favorite Golden Girls! 

“As someone who enjoys cooking, I pondered on what would be the ultimate fandom food for me. There were a ton of choices I could pick from! But growing up I always loved cheesecake, as it’s always been a favorite dessert of mine. And The Golden Girls have always been such an iconic show! (And it still holds up!) When I hit my golden years, I only hope I have friends I can sit around a table and share conversation and delicious cheesecake with!”

Joe – Anything by Ignis Scientia, Final Fantasy XV 

“In Final Fantasy XV each team member has their own special skill; Noctis is a fisherman, Prompto is the team photographer, and while the game says Gladio is skilled in survival, his special skill is actually rocking a leather jacket with no shirt. Ignis though? Possibly the most useful skill in the game, and in real life, cooking.” 

“I mean look at that, it just looks amazing. He can not only come up with random, but delectable recipes based on random ingredients, but also recreates and often elevates the various meals you can eat in-game as well. I would literally eat anything he creates.”

Except maybe Chocobonuggets…

Gabby – Transforming Furikake Rice from Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma

“At first, I was just going to say “almost anything from Food Wars,” but then I remembered thinking that this recipe from Season 1 looked particularly salivating. The upgraded version in Season 3, Part 2, called Chicken Egg Tempura Don, looks pretty delicious, too.”

“Honestly, though, EVERYTHING in this anime looks delicious, even the dishes that I know I wouldn’t like in real life. The copious amount of unnecessary nudity is admittedly distracting; fortunately for me, however, I’m asexual, so I can easily go, “Well that was weird,” and then focus on how delectable the food looks.”

Tiffany: Food from Supernatural

“Honestly, I’d eat at any hole-in-the-wall, dive bar, or breakfast joint in the world of Supernatural. Dean Winchester makes eating a bacon cheeseburger look a hundred times better than any burger I can get around me but maybe it’s just him eating it that makes it so inviting. Some great food joints of Supernatural that you’d find me at would be Biggersons, Fat Macks Rib Shack, and Harvelles Roadhouse. Bring me some Pigs n’ a Poke without the side of Winchester’s death.” 

Yali– The Chocolate Cake from Matilda 

“There is something about the forbidden. I mean there is a whole genre of memes about forbidden food.  When Bruce ate some of Trunchbull’s chocolate cake, I connected with him on a spiritual level.  I know Cookie’s blood, sweat, and tears are in the cake but there is also chocolate fudge. I grew up poor, so watching him have a whole cake to himself!! I was ENVIOUS! If all you have to do is get a whole cake to yourself, was get in trouble, I would have been causing havoc on the regular. I’m not saying this cake was a sexual awakening for me but…”

Mae- Anything from Hannibal 

“Now HEAR ME OUT- no one can deny Dr. Lecter is the king of meal presentation. Let’s just ignore the long pig in the room for a moment. I’m not usually one for fancy meals- while I don’t love fast food, I’m often at a loss in high-end restaurants, intimidated by ingredients I don’t recognize and disappointed by the small portions. I tend to prefer the middle-ground of affordable comfort food. That’s where Hannibal’s cooking draws me in; the portions are hearty and while incredibly elegant, his high-protein palate grounds it and you don’t feel unsure of what you’re eating. (even if you should) My favorite meal of his was the breakfast scramble, but the dinner pieces, particularly the meat pie, would make a delicious addition to any Thanksgiving spread.” 

That completes our list of delicious fandom food! Share with us in the comments below what famous food is your favorite. From all of us at Fandom Spotlite we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

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