Candlelight: Anime Themes and Aerospace

Set amongst the soaring history of the Lone Star Flight Museum, the Candlelight: Favorite Anime Themes concert brings some absolute gems of anime theme songs to a new, pardon the reference, power level. The venue is nestled in the beautiful Ellington Airfield in Houston, Texas, and part of the event allows you to explore the massive museum before the concert starts in earnest.

There’s a myriad of divisions within the anime community. Power scaling, father of the year awards, and which mech would win are just a few. There is always something anime fans can agree on though; the music is always excellent.

The theme of a show is often the first thing you hear, even when watching an anime for the first time. It can leave a lasting impression, sometimes more than most of the music in the show.

Leaving an impression is what this event this all about. Music can be enhanced by the enchanting ambiance, along with superb acoustics. This event from Feverup mixes unique locales, a magical atmosphere, and powerful music.


Once seated, and the concert starts in earnest, your heart is treated to a wonderful hour-long medley of amazing pieces from various genres and corners of anime. While this can range from Attack on Titan to Ghibli, small and large screens, there is a trend amongst it all; it’s all great music.

The Playlist

The atmosphere is great, sure, but a concert without music would miss the point. This particular concert features over 15 songs from across anime. The whole concert was bookended with dueling themes about magical monsters that can evolve and teach us the true meaning of friendship. While peppered throughout the show are bangers, from across the ages of anime, some clear gems stood out.

Range Ensemble

The show began with the Digimon theme, followed by Digimon Adventure‘s “Butterfly” (which was Ingrid, one of the players’ favorites.) From there, we got little windows into the lives and tastes of the ensemble, and a little humor. The sincere humor and commentary elevate the lightly fun vibe and runs complementary to the sensibilities of anime fans. While the whole of the megamix is amazing, some gems are as follows:

  • “Tank!” from Cowboy Bebop
  • “Again”, by Yui from Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
  • Music from Howl’s Moving Castle and Spirited Away


This isn’t the first show from Feverup and the Range Ensemble, and it definitely won’t be the last. The Candlelight: Favorite Anime Themes have a follow-up show at the Lonestar Flight Museum on March 10th! So, go see history, and bask in the glorious relics of the travel of yesteryear. Then revel in the music of some of your favorite stories. If you are lucky, the quartet may give you an encore!

Speaking of an encore, we actually got an amazing one. They played the Zanarkand theme from the iconic Final Fantasy X. When you attend, leave a comment on what encore song was played for you! Or what was your favorite selection of the evening’s playlist?

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