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Here on Fandom Spotlite, we like to pride ourselves as experts on all things Fandom. That includes being able to help you during times of need. What’s more difficult than trying to decide what to buy someone? Calculus, maybe? Cue the Fandom Spotlite Gift Guide, where we help you with gift suggestions for different fandoms/genres.

For this edition, we will be focusing on Space: The Final Frontier! That’s right, we’ll be focusing on gifts for Star Trek fans aka Trekkies. Whether the Trekkie on your list is fluent in Klingon or only knows Live Long and Prosper, we got something for everyone.

Star Trek: The Motion Pictures Collection – $46.00

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This might be the gift for the Star Trek lover who has seen all the movies. Or the perfect gift for someone who wants to learn more about the franchise. The Star Trek: The Motion Pictures Collection includes all the original films. These films span over two decades of Star Trek history! There is also a Blu-Ray version for $52.08.

U.S.S. Enterprise Musical Tree Topper With Light – $149.99

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Add the flagship of the United Federation of Planets—with the theme song to the original Star Trek television series—to your holiday celebrations with this U.S.S. Enterprise Christmas tree topper. Connect this tree topper to the power adapter (included) to see the continuous light effect. Press the button on the remote control or on the base of the tree topper to watch it illuminate and hear the theme from Star Trek.

U.S.S. Enterprise 1701-D Bluetooth Speaker – $69.99 

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BLUETOOTH SPEAKER, LED’S, SOUND EFFECTS: This 12” long USS Enterprise replica wireless Bluetooth speaker is much more than just a scaled replica collectible. Its astounding and useful features make it the best TNG collectible or gift. This scaled replica Bluetooth speaker also comes with a 60-minute White Noise Emulator (plays ships Engine Noise) and LED Night Light that turns on and off while you listen to music or fall asleep. You can connect to any phone or device wirelessly using Bluetooth 4.2. It automatically reconnects to the last connected device. Comes with a stand shaped like the Star Trek delta.

Surprised Kirk Meme T-Shirt – $22.90

Got so many things to pretend to be surprised about? Save time and wear this tee of a surprised Captain Kirk from Star Trek: The Animated Series instead! Printed with the two images side by side on the front.

The Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Ferengi Rules of Acquisition – $9.99

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The Ferengi are greedy, avaricious, ruthless, cowardly, and completely unscrupulous. For centuries the famous Ferengi Rules of Acquisition have been the guiding principles of the galaxy’s most successful entrepreneurs. These 285 Rules of Acquisition range from #1, “Once you have their money, never give it back.” to #21, “Never place friendship before profit.” These rules and hundreds more have taken many successful Ferengi to new frontiers of profit.

Star Trek X RockLove Vulcan Mind Meld 2-Necklace Set – $150.00

Photo via RockLove Jewelry

Sculpted in solid sterling silver, the Vulcan Mind Meld is a set of two necklaces that represents a telepathic link. KASHEK – the Vulcan word for MIND – is written in Vulcan Calligraphy on each pendant, one cut out and one sculpted in relief. When the two wearers stack the pendants, “melding” each “mind” … they snap together in perfect union. Each flat rectangular pendant hangs from a sterling silver 20 to 24-inch adjustable curb chain.

Star Trek Discovery: Starfleet Academy Insignia Scarf – $30.99

Space is cold and so is the Wintertime. Why not give them a gift that is practical and stylish? The Official Star Trek Discovery: Starfleet Academy Scarf – Jacquard design with Starfleet Command emblem. The scarf is made from warm, soft, and high-quality Acrylic. 

Risian Bath Jewels with Star Trek-Inspired Washcloths – $30.00

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This is a set of three Star Trek-inspired washcloths with Star Trek-inspired soaps shaped like TNG com badges. It’s the perfect gift for any Trekkie. They are perfect for the guest bathroom to show guests how much you love Star Trek. It contains three washcloths in red, blue, and gold, and nine soaps three of each red, blue, and yellow. The red soaps are scented with vanilla pomegranate scent. The blue soaps are scented with coconut/orchid scent. The yellow soaps are scented with a peach mango scent.

Which of these gifts will you be beaming into your cart? Let us know what is your favorite gift is in the comments or online. We’ll see you in the next guide. Stay safe and Happy Holidays!

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