Transformers Machine Wars was the first appearance of the flip changer vehicles, with four Autobots and four Decepticons. But they didn’t stop there. On through Beast Wars II, Car Robots / Robots in Disguise, Robot Masters and even a Botcon Exclusive, these awesome molds would be used again and again. This is their story.

In Machine Wars, they took the Autobots Mirage and Prowl and turned them into flip changer rally cars. Hoist and Hubcap became tow trucks. Megatron and his clone Megaplex were jets while Thundercracker and Skywarp were Decepticon jets of another kind. Beast Wars II had Thrust and Dirge as flip changer jets. Car Robots had Indy Heat and Wrecker Hook, who became Skid-Z and Tow-line in the US for Robots in Disguise. RiD also brought us Wind Sheer and Skyfire, two new Decepticons as jets. In Japan, Jusco exclusives of Indy Heat and Wrecker Hook were released in transparent colored plastic. Then Robot Masters came along and gave us a more G1 colored Mirage as a rally car, then Air Hunter, Wingstun and Wrecker Hook as Decepticons, two jets and a tow truck. And finally, the Darksyde Botcon version of Waspinator was a flip changer jet and was perfect.

To find these on eBay, try these links:

For Machine Wars (you’ll get some of the larger and Botcon versions, too) –

For Car Robots – Indy Heat ( Wrecker Hook (
Please note that Indy Heat has orange detailing that the US version does not have.
For Jusco Car Robots – Clear Indy Heat ( Wrecker Hook (

For Robots In Disguise:
Skid-Z ( Wind Sheer (
Tow-line ( Skyfire (

For Robot Masters:
Mirage ( Wrecker Hook (
Air Hunter ( Wingstun (

For Botcon Darksyde Waspinator –

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