6 More Sagittarius Anime Characters

Sagittariuses are often known for their honesty, so while I myself am not a Sag, I must tell the truth in their honor: I almost neglected to write this article. I guess I just got too caught up in preparing for the holiday season. Only a couple days remain in Sagittarius season, but I’m finally here to honor a few more Sag anime characters before it’s the Capricorns’ turn!

Emma Sano (Tokyo Revengers) – November 25

Despite appearances, Emma is not just some stereotypical dumb blonde. While her ambitions may not extend much farther than marrying the boy she’s had a crush on for years, her courage and toughness are evident in how easily she deals with both her brothers and her love interest being in a gang. Unfortunately, her close involvement with the Tokyo Manji Gang tends to prevent people from seeing how sweet she can be.

Makoto Kino (Sailor Moon) – December 5

Much like Emma, Makoto’s intimidating reputation belies a gentle, romantic heart. She does not let her tragic past or long list of rejections hold her back or bring her down, and as Sailor Jupiter she is an invaluable addition to the Sailor Scouts for both her physical and mental strength.

Rei Ryugazaki (Free!) – December 14

Although Sags are usually fun-loving and goofy, Rei does not start out that way at all. He is rigid and calculating at first; however, joining the swim team teaches him to loosen up a little and learn how to feel free (which is literally the name of the anime). Even though he is far from being a goofball, it’s undeniably rather silly of him to join a competitive swim team despite not even knowing how to swim.

Ciel Phantomhive (Black Butler) – December 14

Ciel is another character that seems too serious to belong to a zodiac sign that is largely made up of class-clown types. However, it is also common for Sags to be opportunists, and Ciel certainly uses having a contract with an extremely capable demon butler to his advantage. He is also very intellectual: another trait frequently found in Sags.

Megumi Tadokoro (Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma) – December 19

Megumi may be shy and lack confidence, but her passion for cooking helps propel her forward. Once her friends help her realize that she is far more capable than she thinks, she travels the world in order to grow as much as she can as a chef, which is very in line with an opportunistic and free-spirited Sagittarius nature.

Ken Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul) – December 20

Poor Kaneki’s life may have turned out so much easier if he fit the stereotype of the outgoing, life-of-the-party Sagittarius. Instead, however, he is one of the quiet, intelligent minority. His meek nature and interest in literature led him to meet the person who would drag him into the dangerous world of ghouls and change (and traumatize) him forever. The poor boy just wanted to talk about books!

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