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Since my home state hasn’t received much snow this year, I’ve jumped into some winter-themed Warriors fan YouTube videos to bring me that cozy winter feel! The art side of the Warriors fandom has been alive and well for over ten years, especially in the case of YouTube. While some artists create animated videos on their own, the fandom is also well-known for its hundreds of MAPs (multi-animator projects). Of course, the fandom loves their themes, so there’s no shortage of winter or holiday-themed Warriors MAPs. Below are some of my favorites, from most to least recently posted.

A majority of these feature Christmas or Christmas songs, though most are not explicitly about Christmas. They also use religious music, though the series lends itself well to this because of the Warriors’ religion and ancestors of StarClan.

“❄️ What’s a Soulmate ❄️ Warrior Cats, Mothwing and Frostpaw COMPLETE CHRISTMAS MAP 🎄” hosted by SplashDreamms

While a main character from the most recent arc, A Starless Clan, is featured in this beautiful, heart-tugging MAP, it is actually a love story between Mothwing and Leafpool’s characters. As a strong supporter of their non-canonical romantic relationship, the gut-wrenching view of Mothwing’s grief and desperation genuinely made me cry while watching (happy tears, sort of). This video also has the bonus of feeling like two stories connected by a single thread!

Spoilers for the series up to at least the first book in “A Starless Clan” and especially for Super Edition 12 “Squirrelstar’s Hope.” 

“[CC]👑We Three Kings👑 COMPLETE Christmas Warrior Cats MAP” hosted by sad machine

This clever MAP shows StarClan ancestors in pretty silvery forms leaping down from the stars to bestow gifts upon the three kits, Lionkit, Jaykit, and Hollykit. It expertly uses the song’s lyrics to foreshadow the destinies of each, especially the part with “King and God and Sacrifice.” The designs of the three main characters are also very unique, showcasing the creativity of Warriors fans.

Spoilers for the series up to the last book of “Omen of the Stars.”

Only at Christmas Time (COMPLETE MAP) hosted by ursiday

The shortest MAP in the list, this one follows through with many different scenes and features a plethora of characters. While it doesn’t span the entire series (only the first four arcs and a couple of extra content books), it shows off plenty of cute interactions and important moments from the books. The best part of this video is the full circle moment, showing Firestar, then Rusty, as a kitten and showing him as Rusty again at the very end, looking out the window for the credits.

Spoilers for the series up to the last book of “Omen of the Stars.”

🌟【MARY DID YOU KNOW || COMPLETE MOTHER & KIT MAP】🌟 hosted by EphemeralMoth

Kinship relationships are important in all of the Warriors series especially those between the mothers and their kittens. While it doesn’t always follow through on keeping up with those motherly relationships, the fandom catches on enough to create this masterpiece. It’s not just a show of their relationships but brilliant glimpses of the plot, whether in the kit’s eyes or as flashes of them as grown cats.

Spoilers for the series up to the last book of “Omen of the Stars.”

Carol Of The Bells | 2-Week(ish) Warriors MAP hosted by HollyAndThorn (previously colacatinthehat)

The oldest MAP in this list, having posted eight years ago now, is the one I am the most nostalgic for. It’s also the one that inspired me to make this article! It’s like a mini-story, including voice acting alongside the music. Dovekit and Ivykit listen to a story from Longtail and Mousefur, explaining how StarClan ancestors dance on the frozen lake that night, the longest night of leaf-bare (winter). The kits mischievously decide to see this phenomenon and get into some trouble. I especially love the little Warriors’ Easter egg of Hollyleaf being the “shadow” of the story. The scene might be a made-up, but it still feels canonical in its imagining.

Spoilers for the series up to the last book of “Omen of the Stars.”

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  1. YESS WACA MAPS!! So so glad to see the animation side of the fandom getting the attention they deserve!! these are some of the best maps i’ve ever seen, i’m so happy that they’re being shared to a wider audience!! i hope if anything this article helps bring in other art enthusiasts!! so much wonderful work went into lovingly crafting each second of these videos, and they deserve all of the praise because of it!! i love how passionate the warriors fandom is

    1. I am always astounded at the love and work all of these artists put into their animation!! I’m happy it’s enjoyed :).

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