WEBTOON Expands With Webcomic Adaptations of Popular Web Novels

Are you an avid reader of webtoons? Then get excited because WEBTOON has announced that some of the biggest names in web novels and web fiction are coming to the world’s largest digital comics platform. WEBTOON will adapt popular titles from Aethon Books and Moonquill, as well as WEBTOON’s Wattpad and YONDER platforms.

Among the first group of titles that will receive webcomic adaptations in 2023, are Zogarth’s “The Primal Hunter” series, InadvisablyCompelled’s “Paranoid Mage” series, and Erratic Errata’s “A Practical Guide to Evil”. The first slate of WEBTOON’s 2023 web novel adaptations will feature high-profile fantasy and romance titles, including:

  • RE: Trailer Trash by FortySixtyFour  In this fantasy series, Tabitha Moore’s 2045 mind is transmitted back into the body of her younger self. Now it’s 1998, she’s thirteen years old, and she has to confront her long, miserable lifetime of failures—and once again being trailer trash—all over again.
  • The Primal Hunter by Zogarth – This action-fantasy LitRPG series follows Jake and a group of co-workers taken from their average office and transported to the dangerous Multiverse. Unlike his faltering colleagues around him, Jake finds himself thriving.
  • Paranoid Mage by InadvisablyCompelled – When Callum learns that the monsters and beasts he has seen his whole life are a result of him being a mage, he suddenly finds himself at the mercy of unexpected powers.
  • A Practical Guide to Evil by Erratic Errata –  A serialized fantasy novel about a young girl named Catherine Foundling making her way through a world that fundamentally operates on narrative tropes – where good and evil are more than theoretical concepts.
  • Chasing Red by Isabelle Ronin – This 260M-view Wattpad romance finds heartthrob Caleb Lockhart chasing the cynical Veronica Strafford who refuses to be the campus player’s next conquest. But as they learn to lean on one another their secrets threaten to break them apart.
  • Float by Kate Marchant – This YA summer romance follows Waverly Lyons shipped off to Holden, Florida, and faced with spending the summer living next door to Blake Hamilton, the moody lifeguard. When Blake discovers Waverly’s secret, he offers to do the unthinkable – help her.

Launch dates for each title will be announced at a later date but you can check out recent adaptations such as Rebecca Sullivan’s popular Wattpad web novel Night Owls & Summer Skies and web novel adaptations on WEBTOON, including MoonQuill’s WEBTOON CANVAS webcomic adaptation of Michiel Werbrouck and Hadi Bendakji’s Lord of Goblins.

“The MoonQuill team has had a great time adapting ‘Lord of Goblins’ into web comic form and it’s been a real treat for the team to see those who read the novel enjoying the story in a whole new format,” Jimmy Shi, CEO of MoonQuill said. “Beyond that, WEBTOON’s platform has helped us bring ‘Lord of Goblins’ to a vocal, passionate audience. We’re really looking forward to what the future holds for ‘Lord of Goblins’ and other stories we plan on bringing to the platform.”

With its innovative mobile vertical scroll format, WEBTOON has reinvented the global comic industry by bringing digital comics to the mainstream for a new generation of readers and creators.

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