THE WALKING DEAD 10×18 Reaction – The Governor Reacts

The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 18, “Find Me,” is a flashback tale of Daryl’s futile search for Rick and certain events that happen during that time. With Carol present in both the present and the flashback sequences, the Governor Reacts to their long-winded conversations and the origin of Dog. WARNING: Spoilers for this episode of TWD.

Daryl spent a long time looking for Rick after the explosion that sent him into the clutches of Jadis. Or Anne. Whoever. In TWD S10E18, Daryl meets a dog and a woman. Guess who he stays with. The Governor watches as a very weird tap-dance between Daryl and the new character Leah results in… the safe observation of a solar eclipse. We also get to see Daryl and Carol clean some fish. And the diabolical foot cramp that annoys Carol and amuses Daryl. With spear fishing and an occasional biter killing, this is one of the best anti-insomnia episodes of the series.

The Walking Dead 10×18 is the second of six bonus episodes that show the aftermath of the Whisperer War, unless they happen to do a flashback. As they are doing in this episode and will do with the final bonus episode with Negan soon enough. The Governor can’t wait to react to that one.

The Walking Dead S10E18 is owned by AMC and footage used herein follows fair use guidelines.

Check out the Governor Reacts as part of the Skybound reactor compilation on Skybound’s YouTube Channel:

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