The Five Most Fashionable Horror Characters

They may give you chills, and give you nightmares, but they will always look good while doing their job of being terrifying. Here’s my top five list of the most iconic and fashionable horror characters.

 5: Regan Macneil

The Exorcist: What Happened to Regan MacNeil | Screen Rant

Regan may only be 12, but she dresses as fierce as can be. Her classic white and blue print nightgown is only made better with the splash of green across her chest, even though that green is rather gross vomit, it still flows well with the whole outfit. Her hair may be knotty but people would pay top dollar to get volume like her. You can copy Regan’s look on Vermont Country Store, it may not be cheap but beauty never is, also vomit not included so time to get possessed to complete the look.

4: Freddy Kreuger

Robert England Story': Doc About Freddy Krueger Actor Wraps ...

It may have been called a Christmas sweater once, but the person who said that was killed for not understanding fashion! Freddy’s red and green sweater is perfect for a night on the town; it seems to cover up blood stains from accidents really well. He looks good and he knows it. The look is not complete without classic dirt brown fedora, and let’s not forget those sweet finger knives gloves; that glove is literally to die for. You can buy Freddy’s sweater on Poshmark. This outfit is simply a sweet dream.

3: Pinhead

Pinhead comes to Dead by Daylight armed with chains and his puzzle box - Polygon

The coat says it all! Yaas King, Slay! People’s eyes normally go right to the pins in his face, and I understand that’s his moniker, but can we talk about the beautiful coat?! It’s long, leather, sleek, tight-fitting, and seems that if slaughtering is happening that the blood disappears in the black. Pinhead just went full fashionista by sometimes adding chains to compliment his outfit. You can obtain his beautiful coat on Etsy.

2: Carrie White

Wallpaper actress, girl, Chloë Grace Moretz, the role, Carrie White images for desktop, section девушки - download

Sometimes you gotta do a little work to get the perfect outfit, and Carrie sure knows what she’s doing. A beautiful form-fitting white dress perfectly complimented Carrie, but I must say the red makes the dress pop. Carrie put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into her outfit, and it shows. It’s hard to keep a white dress clean so I hope she doesn’t have to put up with too many stains, at least ones that wash out would be okay though. You can be as beautiful as Carrie thanks to Costumesupercenter.

1: Tiffany Valentine

Chucky And The Bride Of Chucky Clearance, 54% OFF |

Wedding dress and biker coat? Who would have thought it would work so well? Tiffany is already a classic beauty and you can tell she cares deeply about looking killer. The wedding dress may be plain but Tiffany rocks it well; pairing it with the leather biker coat was a great choice. Tiffany finishes the look with black nail polish and a signature gold necklace with her name, she looks almost like a beautiful kick-butt doll. Her boyfriend is a very lucky man, they may have a rocky relationship but he’d surely kill for her. You can look as deadly as Tiffany too by going to EzCosplay.

Honorable Mention to Leatherface, ripped skin is always a daring look but he pulls it off really well.

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