The First Omen Brings New Life to a Dead Franchise

The First Omen might be the biggest surprise of 2024 when it comes to movies so far. When this movie was announced, there were a lot of questions. The main question seemed to be why? While the original Omen film is a classic, the franchise hasn’t been relevant in decades. Mediocre sequels and a terrible remake have not helped. So who asked for this? Was this just an uninspired cash grab? The trailers weren’t very good and there wasn’t much hype. With low expectations going in, I could say that this is not only a good prequel but a very done stand-alone movie as well. 

The Story

A young American woman named Margaret comes to Rome to take her final vows to become a nun. Strange things begin to occur as she uncovers a plot to bring forth the antichrist. 

The aspect that works the best is the story. What could have easily been a script full of cheap jump scares and callbacks gives us smart writing and intriguing storytelling. There are a couple of callbacks to the original film but it feels as if the creators understand that they needed to breathe new life into this franchise. No one was demanding a new Omen movie and you could tell this movie was made with care and patience. 

We know the antichrist is coming at least if you know the story of the Omen. Prequels can be so hard to do because a lot of the time we as an audience are just waiting for that one big moment. How will what happens here affect what we know is bound to happen in the future? The First Omen does a very good job of telling its own story while blending in those story beats it needs to hit to attach itself to the original. 

While it is a good story, it isn’t a perfect one. The main problem with the movie is it can be very predictable. There is a twist towards the end that you can easily see coming towards the beginning of the film. The story overall is still very well done and being predictable didn’t do damage to my experience watching. I was very invested in the characters, set pieces, and tales being told.

The other issue is at times the tone isn’t perfect. The movie is labeled as a horror film but it almost seems more like a mystery thriller to me. Certain shocking horror scenes work for the story but some almost seem out of place. It almost seems like studio interference honestly. There weren’t enough scary scenes or cliches so the studio added some in. Once again, overall this doesn’t take too much away from the movie. It just makes it go from a great movie to a pretty good one. 


The acting here helps elevate the material for sure, especially from Nell Tiger Free as Margaret. Fans of Game of Thrones might recognize Free as Myrcella Baratheon. She is the standout in this film and someone to keep looking for in the future. She has a lot to do in this movie and her performance is very physical. There is a lot of body horror in this movie and she is a part of most of it. 

The movie feels like a 70s shot film and this is a complement since it is trying to tie into the original. Certain shots and edits remind us of a 70s-style movie and it helps add to the atmosphere for sure. While not particularly scary, the atmosphere is meek and there are pretty unsettling moments throughout. It’s a movie that lets you know right away that this is not a happy story and bad things are sure to come. 


The First Omen is a very good film overall. It is filled with great storytelling, creepy moments, and superb performances. It can be cliche at times and it has some things we have seen before but there is nothing wrong with copying from other films when you elevate the material.

The movie does tie in well with the original song but it honestly is even better as a stand-alone film. The Omen hasn’t been relevant in a while but I understand that when there is familiarity box office numbers are usually higher. Still, I believe the story would have been strong enough to be its own thing and could even have enough lore to explore sequels. 

Either way, when it comes down to it, The First Omen is a very good movie and one of the best Omen films in general. Horror started on a slow foot but it is picking up speed now.  

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