The Brash & Bawdy Boozy Cauldron Event Review

You Come Upon A Door

Nothing more mysterious than a traveling show, manifesting in your town, bewitching the locals. Normally these shows are of the circus, or sideshow variety, but this experience is a wholly different one. The Boozy Cauldron is a mystical, magical pop-up tavern that travels around the country, spreading fun, flirting with dark magic, and sharing potables of the past with mundane audiences. I shared my excitement for The Boozy Cauldron in a previous article, and now I can report that the tales are true.

The Boozy Cauldron
This building was abandoned just a few days ago…

Beyond The Boozy Portal

The evening began with meeting many of the denizens of the dark drinkery, including the sharp-tongued dark wizard Draven, who dubbed me “off-season Santa” at the door. Beyond the portal, we were greeted with an extremely relaxing atmosphere, and plenty of space to relax and have a drink. Fun alcoves and shops were made available to explore, all under the pretense of drawing us into the evening’s intrigues.

Dark Drinks
The Boozy Cauldron has all kinds of little nooks for picturesque poses (even if I’m not quite so picturesque.)

At the start of the show, we were given the history of the Cauldron. How the tavern was founded by two brothers as a safe haven for practitioners of the mystic arts. Designed to provide a safe and familiar place as said mystics traveled from the old world to the new. Tales of basilisk’s venom, saucy ghosts, levitating drinks, and rather adult wand jokes filled the evening’s stories. All the lore was given to us by the enchanting Ivy Grey, the ambassador of the tavern.

Drinks, Drama, and Diversions…

As the tales and trials were doled out to the audience, we were given powerful potions and lascivious libations to tantalize our tastebuds. Drinks like the Sapphire Shot starter, or steamy Dragon’s Breath were on the menu. Dazzling drinks with rich histories, that were also easy on the tastebuds.

Sapphire Shot
The Sapphire Shot potion is a bit of a primer to the evening’s consumables.

Now, you’ve probably been able to tell so far, but this show is strictly 21+. The drinks alone would be enough to warrant this, but the evening also was rife with adult humor. As the evening went on, the jokes became as blue as could be. Wands were referred to many times, even for those who had no wand in hand. We were told of a lecherous ghost that haunted the cauldron in part to protect the patrons.

Not all of the evening was spent listening to hermetic histories. Much of the show was interactive, with Draven, Miss Katie, and Mister Fury all filtering through the audience, prompting participation. I even was pulled onstage to participate in a “Ye Olde Chugging Contest.” I lost to someone dubbed “IRS Guy” but I had a helluva good time.

Final Activity
Miss Ivy Grey leads the participants in the final event of the evening.

The final event was a massive ritual involving couples, to help appease the spirit that haunted the tavern. An exciting exhibition of physical prowess, that I won’t spoil, but rest assured it was a fun time had by all.

A Fly In The Ointment

While it was a ton of fun to be had, there were a couple of issues I had while at the Cauldron. None of these were major detractors, and honestly are just here so I can be fair and objective! First, there was a voiceover, in the beginning, explaining the purpose of the Boozy Cauldron, and how it’s been perceived over the years. This was even before Miss Ivy gave us the TRUE history of the establishment. The prologue would have been interesting, but the voice was so modulated that it was hard to understand. I feel like this in part was the location the Cauldron manifested this time around, but it was hard to understand.

The Boozy Cauldron
With acoustics like this, any sound bounces more than a bounding bugbear.

Second, and this is nothing the Cauldron could really control at all. Many of the audience members were very talkative during the show. I understand it’s a fun time and we all have a hard time controlling our volume when we’re enchanted by bewitching brew, but it sometimes made the stories hard to follow.

None of this detracted from the overall fun though. I still had a blast and would recommend visiting the Cauldron if it ever manifests into your neck of the woods!

An Enchanted Ending

Overall I had a blast at The Boozy Cauldron! I met talented entertainers, had mystical concoctions, and generally enjoyed myself! After the stress of the past two years, I needed a night out like this. The Cauldron was my first time out since the pandemic began, and it was a great one. Being part of the show, having some fun drinks, and experiencing the magic of the evening, all of it was a great diversion.

The snark-lord Draven.

So if you get an invitation, or a chance to attend, don’t miss it. The Boozy Cauldron has plenty of stops left, get your tickets now! Starting next week, they’ll be in Austin, so get your tickets, and check out the amazing show!

So thank you to the cast and crew of The Boozy Cauldron, if you see this review, this Off-Season Santa needed this night out very much!

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