SUPERGIRL Season 5 Costume FAIL – EzCosplay Review

The Supergirl costume for season 5 is a great change for the show and we were excited to get one to review. reached out to us and provided the costume free of charge. What could go wrong?

Join Maeden as she discusses this Supergirl cosplay and what’s good about it… and what went very wrong. Maeden is a long time fan of the comic version of Supergirl and not as thrilled with the latest TV version, but she was excited when this costume was revealed for Season 5. And it seemed like providing it would contribute towards a perfect situation and we’d be able to review the costume prior to the Season 5 premiere. Unfortunately, this video will tell you why this review was so delayed and why Maeden is NOT happy.

Honestly, we love working with costume making companies and appreciate reviewing their costumes. We really wanted everything to go smoothly with this costume. But it did not. This Supergirl costume is not something Maeden can wear beyond the review.

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