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Reebok recently came out with a limited-edition Jurassic Park collection to celebrate its 27th anniversary. The collection includes sneakers and some apparel for fans of all ages. Before you buy a pair of these dino-kicks, which are available on Reebok’s Website, here is my review of the collection.

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As a fan of both the Jurassic Park franchise and the Reebok brand, I was excited to find out they were collaborating on a Jurassic Park collection. Reebok tends to do an outstanding job at making collections come to life, and they give you the sense they really put all their efforts into the designs of their shoes, from their color choices and the different types of materials they use for each item. But this time, I feel like Reebok really didn’t put their full effort behind this one. It seems like they were more concerned about pushing out something for each shoe for sale instead of picking 2 or 3 shoes and really putting their teams’ creativity to work. It would’ve boosted the hype and the sale of the shoes because sometimes less is more, and having over 5 shoes to pick from doesn’t really make anyone rush to buy them. Some of the shoes I would’ve left out would be the security-themed stompers because honestly, it just looks like a black shoe. The Jurassic Park club c legacy shoe and the club c because without reading the shoe’s description, I wouldn’t have known what the shoe was inspired by.  With that being said, there are 3 shoes I feel like they did a perfect job on, and that these 3 shoes should’ve been the only ones they released. The Instapump fury was easily the best choice. The shoe had the best design, the best colorway, and even had an amazing shoebox design, but most importantly, when you saw the shoe, you knew exactly what it was inspired by.

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The 2nd would be the Jurassic Park classic Leather shoes. The amount of materials, patterns, and designs they put into these shoes really showed how creative Reebok as a brand could be, and as soon as I saw it, I knew what it was inspired by as well.

The last shoe I want to mention is the Jurassic Park pump Omni zone shoe. I liked the color choices, and I like the Shallotte choice, but my only problem with it is that if it weren’t for the shaving cream can shoebox, you wouldn’t know which exact dinosaur it was inspired by. But overall, it was a great concept. If you are a fan of the Jurassic Park franchise, I would highly recommend you check some of these out.

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