New Spider-Rex & Venomosaurus Costumes Revealed

Jazawares is their new Spider-Rex and Venomosaurus just in time for San Diego Comic-Con 2022, and it’s gonna be a roaring fun time in this Marvel mashup.


The two costumes will retail for 100, which is a steal for how amazing they look, and they will debut at the convention. Go to Booth #3513 to get an up-close look at your and your best friends’ new suits to rampage the streets. Jazwares will also be giving a sneak peek of things to come from the Marvel universe for humans and pets alike, which sounds very exciting!

Spider-Rex Inflatable Child Costume -

Look out! Here come’s Spider-Rex! Roaring to life with fan-operated inflatable nylon.  His spider emblem is proudly put below the face window, which gives full visibility. You wanna feel like a real dinosaur? Well, you’re in luck because the suit comes with clawed gloves to defend the world from any arch nemesis; let’s start by defeating Venomosaurus!


Venom has found a new host, a T-Rex, which formed him into Venomosaurus! What kind of chaos will be done when your fuse an alien and a dangerous dinosaur? Spider-Rex, help us! Like Spider-Rex, Venomosaurus springs to life through fan-operated inflatable nylon. Venom’s mark can be seen below a clear window to give visibility to the next supervillain to wear the suit. Clawed gloves make this creation even more frightening.

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