Netflix Producing Live Action Mega Man Movie

After great success with The Witcher, Netflix is looking a little farther east with their next video game project. According to sources familiar with the movie project, it’s still early in development but is still moving forward.

Mega Man Netflix Colors


Originally announced in 2018, not much has been heard on it since. While the news is interesting, it is oddly timed after the recent cancellation of Cowboy Bebop. It looks like Mega Man will be trading in his regular double blue look for Netflix’s Red and Black.


Some Blue Bomber fans on Twitter had some interesting takes on the news, to say the least.

Some fans took the opportunity to, speculate, as to the casting of the heavily armed Pinocchio.

It’s surprising no one went with Dwayne the Rock Man Johnson.

Regardless, it looks like Mega Man could get his next power-up from the streaming giant. I wonder if Robot Master will be weak to this particular weapon.

Get Equipped With Netflix

Historically, video game adaptions have not done well. From Mario Brothers to Mortal Kombat, game film adaptions are often met with poor reviews and even poorer returns. This has improved as of late, with properties like The Witcher and even the 2021 Mortal Kombat. It seems like the formula for creating functional game-to-screen adaptions is improving.

And while Netflix may have recently canceled Cowboy Bebop, and Death Note wasn’t well received either, their video game properties seem to do fairly well.

Netflix has yet to actually announce the film officially, nor has Capcom made any public statements regarding it. Our only source of news is the studio that is in talks to produce it, Supermarche. Most notably, this team is part of the group that put together Paranormal Activity 4. Whether or not the adaption will focus on a particular game, or use the whole Mega Man tapestry is a mystery as well. Theoretically, we could see something else Mega Man-related, like Mega Man X, or the cool post-apocalyptic world of Mega Man Legends. For now, keep your optics primed and your buster ready as we wait for more info to drop.

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