Mean Girls: The Party Game Review

Each decade seems to have a movie about high school that speaks to a generation. The 80s had Heathers, the 90s had Clueless and the 2000s had Mean Girls. Released in 2004, Mean Girls became an instant hit due to many memorable scenes, an extremely smart script, and great performances. Now almost 20 years later, the movie still holds up as a brilliantly hilarious social commentary on what the high school experience can be. With all this movie’s merchandise, it’s no surprise that Big Potato Games also released a board game. But is the game sooooo fetch?

How to Play

The Mean Girls Party Game is for 4-8 players and only takes about 20 minutes to get through. First, pass out a sheet to every player from the Burn Book. Place the color pads in the center of the play area with a random question attached to each one.

After putting your name at the top of the Burn Book sheet, pass it to the player next to you. Everyone should now have a player sheet that is not theirs. Look at whose sheet you have now and at the questions in front of you. The key is to answer a question like how you think the player whose sheet you have would answer it.

For example, if a card says “What animal would they be?” and you think your friend would definitely be a lion, write it down! After the sheets have been passed around at least one time and every question has been answered, place all the sheets face down and mix them up. Pass them out to each player and make sure you do not have your own. One at a time, each player reads whose card they have and each answer to each question.

The player whose card is read now picks which answer they like the best. They also try to guess who wrote it about them. One point goes to who wrote the answer that was picked and one point could also be collected if the person guesses who wrote it correctly. When everyone has had a turn to read, count up the points and see who wins.


Big Potato Games is great at making quick simplistic party games. The Mean Girls game is exactly that. Quick and simple. This could be good for some but not for others. It all depends on what you are looking for. If you want a strategic game with a lot of thinking involved, you might have to look elsewhere. If you want to play a quick game with friends while eating, drinking, and laughing a lot, this is a good time.

The box is a great tribute to the movie as it literally looks like the iconic Burn Book. While not having many other callbacks to the movie, the game itself is a sort of callback. In the movie, gossip was all over the inside of the Burn Book. You are kind of gossiping while writing down the answers you pick. One of the questions is “who do they have an inappropriate crush on?” Sounds like gossip to me, but you got to do what you got to do to win.

The game says 4 to 8 players but it is definitely more fun if you can get as close to 8 as you can. It makes it harder to guess who wrote what and gives you more questions to answer. Overall, the Mean Girls Party Game is fun to play with a large group and a must-have for Mean Girls fans, Even if it’s just to hold a replica of the Burn Book itself. Even though October 3rd (Mean Girls Day) day has passed, the Mean Girls Party Game is fun to play any time of the year.

The Mean Girls Party Game is available now on Amazon.


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