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The month of June isn’t just about celebrating the end of school, beach days, and warmer weather. It’s also when we stand proud in our truth and honor those who have fought for the freedom to express that truth. I’m talking about Pride Month! It’s a colorful time when the LGBTQ+ community celebrates each other and brings awareness to issues affecting the community.

Many corporations like to use this as a marketing opportunity to put rainbows on products and possibly donate a small portion to LGBTQ+ organizations and charities. Instead of feeding big business, why not buy directly from LGBTQ+ small businesses? You do a good deed and get cool merch. A Win-Win!

We’ve created a list of 8 LGBTQ+ Fandom Small Businesses to support Pride Month and beyond.

Bearded Noise 

No photo description available.Bearded Noise is a small business created by a Transfemme individual, who created this business after the devasting loss of their husband. They specialize in handcrafted items that any witchy/horror fan would love. This includes jewelry, soaps, candles, stickers, pins, and skincare.

No photo description available.Horror, cats, bones, beards! What more could you want? You can give Bearded Noise a follow on their Instagram and Facebook.

Ekko Pins

Ekko Pins was created by a bisexual woman whose name is a flower, Daisy Brookes. Ekko Pins specializes in nerdy pins inspired by powerful women in comics! Brookes uses her artistic skills to design beautiful enamel pins. Currently, Ekko Pins has designs of Scarlet Witch, Black Widow, Captain Marvel, and Yelena Belova, with new designs on the way.  Daisy Brookes also takes art commissions. You can also support the creator by following her on Instagram.

Pinky Swear Candle Co 
May be an image of cosmetics and text that says 'Editic PINKY SWEA Special Edition 제지 THE angostee PINKY SWEAR Special Edition YEAR WEAR tion HANDIN BF THE PR mangosteen SV PROUD teen sweet citrus PROUD in .sweet citrus HAND COC coconut soy wax THE PROUD mangosteen sweet citrus ÛEDINTO HAND POI RED INTORONID coconut 40+h soy wax bumn 8oz'Pinky Swear Candle Co is an LGBTQ+ small business started by three friends. Their artisanal candles are the perfect gift for that book lover in your life. Each scent whisks you away into a new adventure. Get swept up in a romance with the Romantic, get creative with the Bookworm, go off on a journey with the Wanderer, or just take pride in who you are with the Proud. Pinky Swear Candle Co will also be donating some of their profits from the Pride Collection towards an important LGBTQ+ cause. You can follow this company on Instagram & Facebook.

Taco’s Macabre Creations

No photo description available.If you have a love for all things pop culture and handcrafted creations, then Taco’s Macabre Creations is perfect for you. If you can think of it, Taco can create it from wood, resin, and other materials. Every product is completely customizable to your wants and needs! Macabre Creations has everything from magnets, keychains, coasters, rolling trays, beautiful decorative ornaments, and many more. They are constantly getting new molds and creating new products that are sure to amaze. From cute to spooky, it can be done. Give Taco a follow on Instagram & Facebook.

The Short Supply / Short Supply on Demand

The Short Supply, a UK-based small business that ships internationally has your merch needs covered! They produce shirts, pins, patches, art prints, stickers, and more! While specializing in Star Wars, they also carry items from Marvel, Stranger Things, The Witcher, and other series. Their second shop, Short Supply on Demand, offers large art prints and clothing made to order. One of my favorite things they carry is the pride flag Imperial rank bar pins! 

DRKLGHT Clothing 

May be an image of 1 person, standing and text that says 'sad kid club thanks for notic ng me YORKLGHT'DRKLGHT Clothing is for those fandom fans who have two moods: Goth & Disney. Basically me. But, also with a dash of LGBTQ+ pride. Also Me. The clothing company combines Disney and goth aesthetics to create one-of-a-kind designs. Besides fashionable clothing; they also sell pins, patches, drawstring bags, and Christmas stockings! If DRKLGHT Clothing wasn’t on your radar before, it needs to be NOW. State up to date with them on Instagram & Facebook.

Bones and Ink 

Pride & Wrath the Dead Gay Cats Stickers image 2Bones and Ink was created by non-binary artist Aoelaigh Finn. Their shop specializes in jewelry, decor,  and art with a witchy/eco-goth flair. They make some of their crafts from ethically sourced bones. There is a lot of attention to detail and love in Aoelaigh’s work. This shop is perfect for those who feel spiritually connected to the Hex Girls. Follow Aoelaigh Finn on Instagram & TikTok.

DreamEARs Boutique 

No photo description available.DreamEARs Boutique specializes in…you guessed it…custom Mickey Ears! A must-have accessory for any Disney lover and park-goers! What all started with mouse ears has grown to even more incredible designs. DreamEARS also sells masks, scrunchies, dog bandanas, neckties, and they take custom orders. Each item is handcrafted and each slightly different and unique in its own way! Add a little magic to your timeline by liking DreamEARS on Facebook & Instagram.

Thotful Dog

Thotful Dog is a snazzy and niche card business ran out of Toronto, ON. Each card is adorned with a memorable moment in pop culture. They have everything from music, film, television, politics, sports, and one featuring Little Foot and a tree start that made me cry.  All the millennial feels! The cards have that fun tongue-in-cheek humor that would make anyone’s day feel better. There is a card for all occasions. Even ones you can’t imagine. Instead of sending a text, send a card! Support Thotful Dog by giving them a follow on Facebook & Instagram.

There are tons of LGBTQ+ fandom small businesses you can support! These are just a few of my favorites! What business would you recommend? Drop their info in the comments and online via our socials.

We at Fandom Spotlite hope everyone has a happy and safe Pride!

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