How Well Do You Know the X-Men? Take This Quiz to Find Out!

Think you know your X-Men? Test your knowledge with this X-citing quiz!


Which Avenger Did Rogue Put in a Coma?
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Rogue touched Captain Marvel and gained her powers of flight and super strength.

How Many Biological Children Does Professor X Have?
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Legion, Charles Xavier II, Xandra and Xavi Neramani

Which X-Man has a Pet Dragon?
The Key word is X-man
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Shadowcat & Lockheed are an iconic duo!

What Year Did The X-Men Make Their First Appearance?
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Uncanny X-Men, originally published as The X-Men, is an American comic book series published by Marvel Comics since 1963, and is the longest-running series in the X-Men comics franchise.

How Tall is Wolverine?
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A bio claims that Wolverine is 5'3. However, Hugh Jackman, who plays Wolverine in the films is 6'2.

What Avenger Was Storm Married to?
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Storm & Black Panther were childhood sweethearts and got married. The power couple, ruled Wakanda together. That means Storm was a Queen. She lost that title when they later divorced.

Who is Nightcrawler's Father?
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Azazel & Mystique are Kurt's biological parents. Azazel is also the father of Kiwi Black.

What Pop Star Was Announced to Play Dazzler in Days of Future Past?
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Bryan Singer announced on his Twitter in 2013, that Lady Gaga was playing Dazzler. However, it was actually an April Fool's joke. Still, it would have been cool!

How Many X-Men Movies Are There?
Think about all the mutants who had films.
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There are 13 films including the Deadpool films, the Wolverine solo films, and New Mutant.

Which Original X-Man Teamed up with Spider-Man and Another Mutant in a Saturday Morning Cartoon in the '80s?
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FireStar was his other roommate. Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends! Where Spider-Man sounds amazingly like Bumblebee!

How Well Do You Know The X-Men? Take this Quiz to Find Out!
You Suck!

You might want to brush up on your X-Men facts.
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You know some basic information but can't say you are a super fan. Grab a comic and dive deeper!
Chimichanga! Good Job!

You know more than the average nerd. Now it's time for you to go beyond your limitations! Gain all the X-Men knowledge to become Super Nerd!
You're Omega Level!

You nailed this quiz! You know everything there is to know about X-Men! Professor X would hire you to teach at his school!

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