How Many Episodes Until Someone’s Special Ability is “Gun?”

Power structures within anime allow writers to explore all kinds of creative and unique abilities. They can get pretty intense. Take Knuckle Bine’s APR, for example, which functions similarly to a bank and therefore involves math; or Satoru Gojo’s Limitless, which comes with so much added explanation that viewers might benefit from a handbook. On one hand, these specialized abilities are incredibly useful when characters are overcoming their obstacles. On the other hand, some problems are best solved with a gun.

My Hero Academia: 13 episodes

Snipe, aiming a gun

The introduction of Pro Hero Snipe will always be among my favorites in MHA. The heroes are protecting their students from the League of Villains’ leader, Tomura Shigaraki. Even this early on in the show, he’s tough to beat. One touch of his hand and an object turns to dust… but that doesn’t matter if the hero has a gun.

Jujutsu Kaisen: 8 episodes

Mai, holding her gun

At this point in the story, we’ve just learned from Gojo what cursed energy is and the basics of how it functions. We’ve seen some creative applications as well. Megumi’s Shikigami means he has animal friends living in his shadow. Nobara’s Straw Doll Technique earns her a hammer and a doll made of straw. Mai Zenin, however, was a little bolder with her ability to conjure one small object a day – she conjures a bullet, which means she gets a gun.

Attack on Titan: 38 episodes

People who have never seen Attack on Titan will be asking how guns could possibly qualify as a special ability in a world where people turn into titans. People who have seen Attack on Titan will completely understand why Kenny Ackerman makes guns qualify as a special ability, even in titan country. 

Hunter x Hunter: 43 episodes

The power structure of Hunter x Hunter is legendary. A character’s nen ability is limited only by their imagination and their willingness to go to extremes. They can even get creative with guns, which the Phantom Troupe members in particular excel at. Pakunoda implants memories in her targets by shooting them in the head with conjured nen bullets. Franklin Bordeau cut off the tips of all his fingers in order to use them as guns. (Get it? Finger guns?) 

Deadman Wonderland: 20 minutes

Perhaps this one is a bit less conventional than a metal gun with metal bullets, but if Ganta’s going to call it the Ganta Gun then I’m going to put it on this list.

Soul Eater: 3 episodes

A list about guns as a special ability is simply incomplete without the mention of Liz, Patty, and Death the Kid. They are the blueprint for this niche.

Did I miss any good ones? Let us know in the comments below!

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