Heroes and Villains Who DO Eat ;)

~PG Content ahead. Duh~

The Batman was trending Monday, June 15, 2021, but not because a new trailer dropped. The Dark Knight was trending because DC had a scene of Batman going “downtown” on Catwoman cut from the upcoming season of Harley Quinn. The scene was removed because “Heroes don’t do that.”  Batman can’t pleasure his longtime love but he can apparently sleep with his ally’s daughter.

Batman and Batgirl Fight then Hookup - The Killing Joke - YouTubeOof. 

We at Fandom Spotlite decided to do our part during this important fandom debate by curating a list of Heroes and Villains who do in fact eat.


Elizabeth Banks Has Some Blunt Thoughts About Venom's Tongue - CINEMABLENDThis villain/anti-hero clearly would. For the most obvious reason, you can imagine. If  you’re lucky, Venom can also separate himself from his host and now you’ve got an interesting threesome.


Nightwing and Starfire Move In Together - Teen Titans: The Judas Contract - YouTubeThe ladies love Dick…Grayson. It’s well known that Nightwing is a charming pretty boy. We all know that it’s not just his looks that had the likes of Zatanna, Batgirl, Dove, Wonder Girl, and Starfire dating the boy wonder. Plus we have evidence he eats- just watch the first season of DC’s Titans.

Captain America 

Captain America ICan Do This All Day GIF - CaptainAmerica ICanDoThisAllDay Avengers - Discover & Share GIFsCaptain America is a real gentleman. He’s all about being polite and having good manners. Steve would not only eat but won’t stop until the lady is satisfied. After all…it’s what heroes do.

Killer Croc 

dcmultiverse.tumblr.com - TumbexKiller Croc has the right tool for the job. He also can breathe underwater. So, he’s not coming up for air anytime soon.

Thor, Loki, & Valkyrie 

Thor, ValquĂ­ria e Loki đź‘Š on We Heart ItWe know Thor would. How? Simple: He’s worthy. Is Loki a villain? Is he a hero? We don’t know. We do know one thing though, he’s a silver-tongued devil! He also can shapeshift! That means he can be whoever you want him to be. Valkyrie gives us Domme vibes which means she will take pleasure in giving you pleasure. Of course, with your consent.

Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy 

DC Universe Will Pursue A 'Harley Quinn' Romance With Poison IvyThis one is also very obvious. We know that these two enjoy pleasing each other and we wouldn’t put it past them to bring in a third. Plus we imagine it being a fun and kooky time.


Deadpool: the pansexual superhero who has never had a non-heterosexual experience | Deadpool | The GuardianDeadpool is everyone’s favorite pansexual mercenary. We also know he’s a bit wacky, which probably translates to some very interesting methods. Remember, they don’t call him the Merc with a Mouth for no reason!

Alfred Pennyworth 

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice' Actor Jeremy Irons Says The Movie Deserved Bad ReviewsAlfred knows what it means to serve. He is a thoughtful and meticulous man. This wise older gentleman would be happy to serve your needs and he would help thoroughly clean up afterward.

The Flash 

The Flash Season 7 Won't Film Until Industry Debate EndsThe Flash definitely goes downtown. He can make his tongue vibrate and that can be fun. The only drawback is that he is the fastest man alive. You’re getting a quickie. Literally. 

Those are just a few Heroes and Villains who we are confident eat. Who would you include on this list and why? Share your picks in the comments and online!

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