HBO Max Raised by Wolves-Ep 6 Lost Paradise Recap & Review

Lost Paradise Recap & Review

Raised by Wolves is a new series on HBO Max, HBO’s new streaming service. There was a lot of hype around the show since its executive produced by the legend, Ridley Scott. After watching the trailer, I decided to give the show a shot.  So far, there are 9 episodes on the streaming service, with new episodes being released every Thursday.  Since I am already literally and figuratively invested in the show, I figured I’d share my thoughts with you readers!

Warning: my recap and review will NOT be spoiler-free.

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Episode 6, Lost Paradise, pushes the series forward by pushing the characters to their emotional limits.

Mother has been spending every day visiting the Sim, to spend time with her memories of creator Campion. Cosmo Jarvis is hot, so who can blame her. This causes Father to be suspicious as her “patrols” are becoming longer and longer. Father says his concern is that she is not spending enough time with the children, and him. Hunter spies on their conversation, hoping to use the parents’ fighting to his advantage.

Fake Marcus and Fake Sue have been watching over the settlement trying to come up with the best plan to get back the kids. The couple is also contemplating telling Paul that they are not his real parents but that they genuinely love him. Marcus thinks Paul will understand, but Sue fears he will feel betrayed. Marcus notes that Mother leaves and takes the same path every day and at the same time. His plan is to figure out where she is going and why.

Inside the orange igloo, Mother checks in on Tempest by asking the worse possible question ever, “Are you feeling more enthusiastic about the baby?” Queue facepalming. Tempest seems used to Mother and answers, “no and I never will.” They proceed to have a realistic Mother/Daughter conversation about dreams and nightmares. Tempest continues to have nightmares about what happened to her. Mother notes she cannot dream or have nightmares. Tempest asks Mother “Do you wish you could dream?” Mother reminds Tempest she cannot want or wish for anything, only serve. For a split second, you can see that Tempest feels bad for Mother. The scene ends with Tempest asking Mother if she will stay with her tonight and Mother agrees. I might have been teary-eyed during this scene.

The Mithraics have located the Sim pod Mother has been using. Sue finds it odd, as the Sim is not meant for androids. Marcus accesses the log of the pod and notes she uses it a lot. So, whatever she is doing is important to her.  This gives his new holiness an idea- they will try to kill her when she is in the Sim. She will not be able to move, hear, or see during a simulation. Foolproof!
At the settlement, Paul and Campion are no longer getting along. Campion who is used to being special now sees Paul as a competition. Paul solved a stick puzzle in under a minute when it took Campion 23 minutes to solve. Campion buries the animal bones because he believes everything has a soul. Paul tells him animals do not because his dad read it in the scripture. Campion comes back with the clap back of the century, “How do the ones who wrote the scripture know animals do not have souls?” Face crack of the century for Paul’s party of one.

Mother is in the orange igloo humming a happy tune when she notices a drawing on a panel of the wall. It is a picture of a ship, sim pods, and a man and a woman kissing. What is worse, is that the drawing is in the same style as Tally’s previous drawings. Mother is now freaking out and tries to erase it.

In the main house, Paul is showing everyone the trap he made to catch creatures. They can use the trap, instead of hurting themselves. The Mithraic children and Father marvel at Paul’s creation. Campion not so much. Father asks what he will use for bait. Paul tries to give Campion credit; he plans on using the fungus Campion found.  Campion loses his shit! He starts to punch Paul in the face!

Father breaks it up and drags Campion to Mother. Father goes into full disappointed parent mode, “Campion, tell your Mother what you did!” Yes, Campion tell her! Campion then acts like a kid in puberty. He tells her with such sass and attitude, that as a parent myself, I was ready to ground him! Mother who is not all there, asks why he would use violence. Campion hopped up on adrenaline says he will keep using violence if he must. Father and Mother are shocked and livid. Mother demands Campion apologizes to Paul. Reluctantly he goes.

Mother asks Father to stay behind. She accuses him of spying on her and drawing in Tally’s style. Father is genuinely confused, but Mother is not buying it. It must be him because who else would do that? Father is concerned about Mother and finally just asks about her patrols. She tells the truth (part of it) and Father looks heartbroken.

The Mithraics are ready to begin “operation: kill the necromancer.” It is simple. Mother will lay in the Sim pod where she will get trapped in a loop, they will place bombs on the pod, rapist Otho will come in with a reflector that will drain Mother’s powers, then boom goes the bombs. While Marcus and his team handle Mother, Sue and her team will get the children but only after she gets the signal that Mother is dead. Like I said, simple. It is also important to note that Marcus promised to pardon Otho if the mission succeeds. Here’s hoping that was a lie.

Mother shows up to connect to the Sim. It’s go time. The Mithraics begin their missions. In the Sim, Mother asks the computer who else has been using the sim. Turns out, it was hottie Campion. He is a virus inside of Mother. So he says but we do not know. He tells Mother he misses her and asks what does SHE want. She wants him. What happens next is the most insane sex scene of all time. They are floating in the air, Mother can see the stars in space, a black mist starts to eclipse the stars and at the moment of completion, everything gets covered in a white liquid. Art!

Mother does not realize what is going on outside. Her powers are almost gone! They go to detonate the bombs but it’s not working. Instead, the detonator blows up and kills the holder. Mother somehow channels the dark matter used in the reflector and is more powerful than ever. She goes on the attack! Marcus survives and so does Otho.

At the settlement, Sue, who we now know is Mary, initiates the plan without the signal. She only retrieves Paul and runs off. The other soldiers try to save the kids, but Father will not go down without a fight. He gets them all to the lander but the Mithraics have him outnumbered and Father is killed in a barrage of gunfire. Mother gets there too late but her anger kills everybody.

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Sue and Paul make it back to Marcus. Marcus isn’t happy that Sue didn’t listen to him. Sue wants to just run away but Marcus has a new plan. Send Paul back to steal Mother’s eyes.

Mother and all the children are in the igloo. Mother is removing the bullets from Father. Paul runs in and says he hid when he heard the gunfire. No one questions it. Paul gets close to Mother and cuts her pouch with the eyes and bolts out the igloo. Mother chases after him but then out of nowhere, she gets hit with an axe! It’s Marcus. Mother falls to the floor and is gushing out the white liquid. Marcus hits her again and now Mother is crying. Marcus goes for the finishing blow but then he hears the voices of Sol. We can hear it too. Sol tells Marcus to let her live. He listens.


Lost Paradise is my favorite episode so far! Amanda Collin once again can capture Mother’s transformation into a human. Mother started off so robotic and now she is more human than the human characters. This episode answered a lot of questions but it mostly foreshadows what’s to come. Or at the very least allows us to come up with our theories.  Lost Paradise had a lot of action, great character moments, and Cosmo Jarvis’s naked.

Episode 6 gets an A+

What do you think will happen now? Why does Sol have more than one voice? Sound off in the comments or online.

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