HBO Max Raised by Wolves-Ep 5 Infected Memory Recap & Review

Raised by Wolves is a new series on HBO Max, HBO’s new streaming service. There was a lot of hype around the show since its executive produced by the legend, Ridley Scott. After watching the trailer, I decided to give the show a shot.  So far, there are 7 episodes on the streaming service, with new episodes being released every Thursday.  Since I am already literally and figuratively invested in the show, I figured I’d share my thoughts with you readers!

Warning: my recap and review will NOT be spoiler-free.

Trigger Warning: The subject of rape is discussed in this episode.


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Episode 5, “Infected Memory,” is an excellent title for this episode because it focuses on how one’s memory can shape reality.

Fake Marcus/Caleb is reveling in his new role as Eminence. The Mithraic survivors truly embrace him as a messenger of Sol. Including Cassia, who openly flirts with him in front of Fake Sue, and Marcus seemed receptive to it. Sue’s face in this scene is PRICELESS. Sue reminds Marcus about their goal, which is to find Paul. He assures her that he has not forgotten and calls her Sue. Sue asks him to call her by her real name. He pretends he does not remember, but something about his facial expression shows that he might not be pretending.

At the settlement, the “family” is eating the creature Tempest killed in the last episode. The Mithraic children say it tastes like pork. Yum, edible space swine. Adorable Vita asked which part is the creature’s baby. This horrifies an already traumatized Tempest but delights Hunter because now he can make fun of Tempest some more. If you have not noticed by now, Hunter is a little prick.

The Mithraic are on their search for the kidnapped children. They stumble upon another part of the destroyed ark “Heaven.” Hoping to locate survivors or supplies, everyone goes inside to look around. They do find a survivor, but it is not good news for Tempest. The survivor is Otho, the man who raped Tempest and other girls as they slept in the Sim.

Otho is wearing an iron mask that fully covers his head. He is accompanied by an android, Leash, who is a “living” prison that directly connects to the iron mask. If you attempted to take the mask off, he loses his head. Walks too far away from Leash, he loses his head. If someone tries to attack Leash, Otho loses his head.

Since Otho was already sentenced to die, Sue just wants to kill him. Marcus thinks they should keep him alive and make him do any dangerous task and not waste an “innocent” life. Marcus wants to talk to him. Otho states that he raped the girls because Sol told him to be fruitful. Since Otho is the only other person claiming to have heard Sol, Marcus is intrigued. I agreed with Sue.

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Mother and Father haven’t been getting along. They can’t agree on how to raise the children, which is a very human thing that parents argue about. Mother still feels Father can not protect them. So, she carries her eyes in a pouch around her neck. Father wants to teach the children to protect themselves.

Mother goes off to search for “threats” but she uses that as an excuse to go into the woods. In the woods, she had located a Mithraic Simulation Pod, which she can attach herself to and access her memories.  This time the ghost of Tally leads her to the Sim. Robots, Ghosts, Monsters, Oh My!

Inside the sim, Mother and the viewers get to see her origin story. Mother as we know her is a necromancer created by the Mithraic to kill Atheists, which includes the Athiest children. Mother was about to kill a child soldier when she was shot by an electric bullet and rendered unconscious. A man in special gear grabs her and takes her away.

In her next memory, we see Mother is laying on a metal slab, cut open, revealing her inner wiring. The man is working on her to change her programming from killer to the caregiver we know her as. This man is the creator, Campion Sturges (Cosmo Jarvis), once Mithraic but now a famous Atheist Hacker. Also a total hottie! He appears to be sick but we are never told what he is sick from.

Mother sees more memories of how she came to be and is saddened that she doesn’t remember any of it. Especially, the part where she sees that she and Campion were in love. This was done on purpose by Campion so that Mother wouldn’t have to feel heartbreak when they say goodbye. As it is time for Mother to go off to Kepler 22b and restart humanity. The memory is interrupted when Campion tells Mother she has to wake up, the children are in danger! In a moment of emotional honesty: I cried the entire goodbye sequence.

Mother rushes back to the settlement and asks Father if everything is ok. Father says the kids are fine. Mother, knowing better, asks specifically about Tempest. “She’s been sleeping for hours,” says Father. Mother makes a mad dash to find Tempest unconscious and bleeding on the floor of the orange igloo. Tempest attempted suicide by poison. Mother makes Tempest drink something and then forces Tempest to vomit. Tempest is mad that Mother didn’t let her die. She doesn’t want to be alive and she doesn’t want the baby. In a heartbreaking scene, Mother tells her she understands but she can’t let her or the baby die because she cares about them both. I am now in a glass case of emotion.

Marcus and the Mithraics followed the children’s trackers to a large skeleton of a dragon-like creature. The place is booby-trapped, there are no kids, and a mysterious parkouring person escapes. Marcus notices that the parkourer created a small model of Kepler. This model shows the temple, where they are now, and the settlement! They have been watched the entire time!

They stay the night in the skeleton and Marcus can sneak off and talk to Otho. Otho reveals he was already a rapist before Sol spoke to him and that’s why he was chosen. Otho knows Sol is speaking to Marcus because Sol is no longer speaking to him, but he keeps praying anyways, hoping Sol will help with the iron mask situation.

The next morning, the Mithraics follow the map they made from the model and find the kids. Oh, what will happen next?


Infected Memory did a great job showing humanity in Mother and the inhumanity in Otho. Mother, an android can love, she can feel, and is often driven by emotion rather than logic. Otho, the human, has no remorse for his actions at all and is driven by what he thinks is Divine Intervention. Yet, Marcus is straddling both as his memory is infected by the lie he has lived and his new power.

I can see how this episode will piss many off. Essentially blaming deplorable actions like rape, child murder, and the war on religion/greater power. But is it the human thing to see the flaws in something or is it robotic?

I was impressed with Amanda Collin’s acting in episode 5, as her emotions ranged from childlike to a heartbroken mother.

Curious to see who this new character is and what role they play. I also hope to see good looking Campion Sturges again.

Episode 5 “Infected Memory” gets an A.

What did you think about episode 5? Any theories on who the cloaked figure is? Tell us in the comments or on our social media platforms.

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