HBO Batgirl Casting and Costumes!

The past few days have seen an abundance of information over the upcoming Batgirl movie! Slated to be released December 2022 on HBO Max, Batgirl will star Leslie Grace as the titular character.

Costume Canon

Posted to her social media pages on January 15th, we got our first look at Gotham’s newest cowled crime fighter.

Leslie Grace in new Batgirl costume

Reminiscent of the Cameron Stewart run of Batgirl, the suit conveys high energy with an eagerness to kick criminal kiester across Gotham.

Comic book Batgirl taking a selfie

Leslie Grace’s casting has been overall met with enthusiasm, like in this tweet from Comic Creator Gail Simone, whose character Alysia Yeoh is in the show as well.

Not everyone was as enthused with the new costume design, some going so far as to pit creatives against creatives, which is never fun.

Casting Call

The amazing costume reveal wasn’t our only Batgirl news this week. Alongside the already amazing cast, this week’s news dropped three new cast members!

First, we have Rebecca Front, a mainstay in British TV and movies. She’s appeared in shows like Into The Thick of It, had an episode of Doctor Who, and was even in Transformers: The Last Knight.

Actress Rebecca Front

Second, on the list, is Ethan Kai. A talented actor whose relatively short list of credits includes Killing Eve, Emmerdale Farm, and even Equus!

Actor Ethan Kai

Finally, we have Corey Johnson, with an extensive history in action movies. Featuring such heavy hitters as 1999’s The Mummy, Hellboy, X-Men: First Class and is even in the upcoming Morbius movie! This will mark a reunion of sorts for the actor, as Brendan Fraiser has already been cast in the movie as Garfield Lynns, A.K.A. Firefly.

Actor Corey Johnson from The Mummy

With an expanding cast, and shooting already underway in Glasgow, it’s only a matter of time before we’re given more info on the upcoming piece. Keep that detective’s intuition sharp for news on one of the newest DC movies coming to HBO Max.


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