Hazbin Hotel Drops Teaser GIFs on Twitter

Earlier this week, Hazbin Hotel fans were gifted with not one, not two, not even three or four, but five GIFs of new official clips from the upcoming series.

The first GIF came from the official Hazbin Hotel Twitter account. It shows series protagonist Charlie Morningstar singing a duet with her girlfriend, Vaggie, along with the caption, “Lovers in Hell ❤️‍🔥😈.” While creator Vivienne Medrano has officially stated in the past that Charlie and Vaggie are indeed a couple, this wasn’t 100% clear from the 2019 pilot episode, from which some viewers might interpret their relationship as just close friends. However, this Tweet confirms that the upcoming full-length series will follow Medrano’s intentions of the two being lovers.

One hour after this post, Medrano (aka VivziePop) also posted a Tweet, this one containing four new GIFs from the show. The first GIF shows Valentino and Vox having a devious conversation. These characters are two out of the three “VEES” and are “hell’s most sinister overlords.” They did not make an appearance in the pilot episode, but their official designs were unveiled last Halloween.

The second GIF shows another antagonist, Adam, along with his henchman Lute. The names and designs of these characters were revealed for the first time this past New Year’s Eve, but we still don’t know much about either of them. While Lute was in the background in the first official picture of the duo, he takes up the forefront of the frame in this new GIF while Adam is in the back and appears to be excited about something.

To the delight of Chaggie shippers, the third GIF is an additional clip of Charlie and Vaggie. In this one, Vaggie is holding Charlie bridal style.

Lastly, we see fan favorite Angel Dust performing a provocative dance in a black leotard bodysuit with hot pink trim. This is different from the normal pink-and-white-striped outfit we see him wearing in the pilot as well as his revamped design, so perhaps it’s some sort of uniform.

A24’s Hazbin Hotel premieres this summer.

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